When to get hospital bag ready?

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annabella Posts: 190
hi ladies, when do you need to get hospital bag ready? i know i have loads of time yet but keep having mad dreams that babs comes really early!! Also, when did ye start getting nursery ready?
totalnovice Posts: 787
People keep asking me have i my bag packed so going to get to work on that in the next 2 weeks. I am convinced I will go over so feel there is no rush but best to have it done I guess Have painted the nursery and going shopping for carpets tomorrow so have that a bit started
chicam Posts: 1169
I got mine ready at about 30wks. Didn't do the nursery til 35wks which I suppose might have been a bit late if the baby had come early...which it didn't and the nursery is still sitting there waiting on the baby lol!
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
Started the nursery at 20 weeks but still havnt packed hospital bag yet!!
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
just bought a bag yesterday so going to make a start on it now.... have just done my first wash of baby clothes this afternoon - i was an emotional wreck - just hanging the little vests on the line... it's all so real now... Cant wait to meet whoever is going to wear these clothes :lvs :lvs :lvs
rushinbride Posts: 1097
no harm in having some kinda of bag ready...I was admitted to hospital suddenly at 29/30wks and I was lucky that I had made a start on my bag a few wks before...I was brought by ambulance and if DH was to pack the bag god only knows what would have been put in... I didn't have everything I needed in it...but I'd a change of pj's and slippers and underwear - I'd no towels or toiletries...so had to wait for DH to bring them to me the following morning...of course he forgot loads of things because he has a man's brain...he brought toothpaste but no toothbrush...or no hairbrush...still I learnt from it, and the wk I was discharged I finished my packing!! even if you pack a toiletry bag and a change of underwear and pj's and towels that'd be enough until closer your date... none of us knows how things can go from one appointment to the next, I've seen some women going for a routine clinic appointment and are admitted to hospital for many reasons and most of them not too serious - so there is no harm in being prepared! Also i was lucky I finished it when i did, because the past 4wks or so i've been housebound, and would have been relying on other people to buy my necessities....
nea dude Posts: 749
I've bought some stuff for the baby but nothing for myself. I should start getting some pieces together. I didn't get a list of stuff from the hospital, is that normal? Are you supposed to know yourself what you'll need. I have read the posts here on what to get for the hospital bag, but I remember when my firend had her baby she got a list from the hospital.
annabella Posts: 190
thanks for the replies girls! well hubby painted the nursery yesterday so will go looking for carpets next weekend - so at least thats started.. Mums the word that is so sute - keep picturing the little vests on the washing line now :o( rushin bride - i am defo packing my bag soon just picturing what my hubby would bring in to me is scary!!! nea dude not sure about the list from hospital, i haven't got one anyway - i am just going by what people on here say and friends....
rushinbride Posts: 1097
some hospitals have their own pregnancy magazine type thing...and would have a list of what you need in that...but in general I don't think they tell you what to bring... what you've probably seen on wol is what you need!! You can pick and choose what would suit you out of the suggestions some mams make...
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I got a list from the hospital, but the lists here are much better. I havent packed a bag yet (32 weeks) but I've bought a bit of stuff. Must try and get that sorted this week.