when to go for 1st gp appointment

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sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi girls, This is my first time posting here as just got my first bfp yesterday. I dont feel pregnant and Im wondering if its real at all. Anyway im just wondering when I should make my first app with gp. Ive heard so many girls say they got BFN when they went first after getting bfp at home. Id rather not go too soon for that reason but at the same time Im dying to have it confirmed to make it seem more real! Thanks girls :thnk
milinda Posts: 785
Congrats on your bfp :o)ll :o)ll I went to my gp a few days after I got my bfp (got it at 8dpo) so I wasn't going to go that early. I waited till my period would have been actually overdue 7 days later. A lot of gp's don't seem to do a pregnancy test at all, but some do and you might find it hard if you do a test there and it comes up negative. But the tests that they use are not as sensitive as some of the one's that are on the market. I used a mixture of tests FR, Clearblue and some of the cheapy ones as well so I was fairly confident even if he done a test it would have came up positive. It's is my gp that arranged the first appointment in hospital so that was one of the reasons I wanted to go asap. I know some hospitals will arrange these directly.
black pearl Posts: 3513
congrats to you hope you have a good 9 months, i did a test on sunday went to doc on monday who did another test, i was 2 half weeks late when i did my test though! my doc said early morn is best time to do test as urine is stronger, so try get a morn app with you doc! xx
milinda Posts: 785
If you cant get an early morning appointment just bring a first morning sample with you, should have remembered to say that.
lovingmarriedlife Posts: 324
comgratulations on your BFP :o)ll :stork: :o)ll :stork: its a very exciting time. i have always gone as soon as my period is due and i bring a 1st morn sample with me. there is no immediate panic unless you wanted to go private ....the consultants book up v quickly