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MrsScuttle Posts: 407
Good morning all.. I have just poas for the 3rd time and yippee 3/3 ( though I was worried about both lines on FR being different colours!!!)?annnyyywwwaaayyyy.. On the CBD I'm only 1-2?? When should I book to see GP? I'm worried about an MRI I had at bank holiday weekend last but I don't want to book in to be told that I'm too early.. Thanks in advance.. I feel I'm going to need help alot over the coming weeks ( hoping that I have a good string sticky!)
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Congratulations Mrs Scuttle. 1-2 on a CBD means 1-2 weeks from conception. The doctor will count from your last menstrual period (LMP). You can go to the doctor at any stage but their tests are often not as strong as the CBD or FR so if you go very early you might get a negative result purely due to the weaker test. Many doctors will accept a positive result at home as confirmation that you are pregnant (I didn't do a pregnancy test in the Doctor's surgery). As you have some worries and questions you are probably as well going to the doctor sooner rather than later. I can't help with the MRI question but if you think it was only a few days after conception then it's probably fine. The doctor won't do much at this stage except take your details and ask about which hospital you will go with and give you some advice of food etc. Depending on your surgery (I think) either they or you will contact the hospital for your booking in appointment at around 12 weeks. The next few weeks go very slowly! Enjoy the special time with your OH. Wishing you a happy & healthy 9months.
MrsScuttle Posts: 407
Thank you so much.. I think I'd feel happier just going and asking... :) at the bSbk of my mind, I was thinking they will go.. Go away till your X weeks.. Going on First day of LMP I would be 6 weeks ish (16th Oct) with MRI two weeks later so likelihood is I only concieved in that week or later.. Exciting/confusing all in one!!! :D
CherylC Posts: 1071
Congrats. I went to GP as soon as I got my bfp - you can go anytime. If cb is saying 1-2 weeks then they think you conceived about 1-2 weeks so the MRI would have been before you were even pregnant. Going on cb you would be around 3-4 weeks pregnant. Do you usually have longer cycles? Your first scan will be the best way to know for sure.
MrsScuttle Posts: 407
Hi CherylC, I didn't usually have long cycles before.. I think I'm just worried that anything could be wrong. I think I'll go up to doc this week.. :D I really hope things go well :)
irregular choice Posts: 8
Hi Mrs Scuttle, Congrats :o)ll I got BFP on Monday and think I'll try and get an app with my doc this week, like you I thought they'd send us away until x weeks, here's hoping all goes well for us.