when to haggle?!help!

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dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hey, we are based in uk and coming home to book hotels,photographer etc in a couple of weeks. obviously we want to get the best place for the best deal, but im not sure if we should haggle from the start? I have spoken to all the co-ordinators and they have gone thru what they are offering, does that mean when we meet it constitutes 2nd meeting and we can therefore try to get things included like arrival canapes, toast after meal etc?! i dont particularly want to leave without booking a venue but defo wanna get the best price. what kind of things are hotels prepared to either thro in or reduce cost? thanks for any input x
so excited! Posts: 330
One thing you might be able to haggle on is the hotel charging corkage try and get them down on that and supply your own wine works out much cheaper! hth
streaks Posts: 3592
As soon as you decide on the venue you want, sit down with your h2b and look through the package they offer and discuss what ye want included, before ye decide to put down the deposit tel the hotel whay ye want and hopefully ye will reach a reasonable compromise, if they agree check that what you have discuss will be mentioned in the contract. I think that is the best way of haggling and if they dont play ball tell them you will bring your business elsewhere you have another venue in mind, if they dont want to do business!! Dont think that should be a problem with the climate as it is! hth :wv
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
Haggle as soon as possible. We had it down to two venues and told the one we preferred thebetter from the other one and they matched it mor or less within half an hour. In all we got about 4.5k knocked off the price
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
I agree with Starbar2010 'Haggle as soon as possible.' You are at your strongest bargaining wise before you pay deposit. Good Luck!