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july2010b2b Posts: 299
Does anyone know when is a good time to do a hair and make-up trial? Ive 6 months to go and have both booked but wondering when to contact them regarding trials.
Thumper2010 Posts: 579
I've been advised to contact them when I have my dress picked as it will impact on hair/make up choices.
Lunasa68 Posts: 274
Once you have your dress or even the style you can go ahead.I went for an upstyle trial already and will be going for another trial for wearing my hair down.Also had a make-up trial as my friend is a beautican so she is looking after that but will get another one done nerarer to the time. *)
july2010b2b Posts: 299
Thanks for the replies, might contact them both and arrange for feb/ march as I have my dress ordered - just didnt want to be too early!