When to move out of nursery/cot into own room/bed

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spinning jinny Posts: 425
I was just wondering what you did with sleeping arrangements when you had no.2.... Our ds currently sleeps in the nursery, in a cot, he moved in there when he was 3mths. This room is the closest to our room. When No.2 comes along he/she will be in our room for the first couple of months but I would like to move him/her out at around 3mths too. So do I move ds out of his current room and into a new one or will that be to much up routing especially when his bro/sis has moved into his room!! Would love to know what you did when No.2 arrived??!!
Daff Posts: 11644
I can't stop thinking about this - DD only went into her room three weeks ago! We've a three storey house. The top floor is out bedroom and have a little side room off it (no door though, just small corridor) and DD was in there. Downstairs on the first floor we have two bedrooms. I really don't like the thought of having two babies downstairs on their own, it's hard enough having DD down there :o( If this LO is a girl I'm going to turn the top floor into their princess room/playroom and we'll move to first floor. If it's a boy I don't know what we'll do. I lvoe sleeping on the top floor cause I can close the door and not hear a thing, it's so quiet - while on the first floor you hear everything :o(
hartley Posts: 826
My 2nd lo is due in May and DD will be 20 months. I will move her and her cot out of nusery into the bigger room (which is actually nearer us but felt too big for a small baby) during the summer also. I won't be moving new baby to its own room until 6 months so hopefully DD will forget that she was even in nusery by then. Plan to buy a second cot bed as DD loves loves her cot and I plan to keep her in there until she's 3!
Asics Posts: 1935
Our dd was just over one when she moved from her cot to a bed. The reason we moved her so early was because she was a climber & it was getting dangerous for her to be in the cot, I caught her a couple of time climbing out of the cot & I wouldn't like to think what could have happened if she fell. We had her in her cot in the box room but felt this room was a bit small for her single bed (I didn't bother with a cotbed) so we moved her to another little bigger room we painted it 2 walls pink & 2 walls purple, stuck up winnie the pooh wall stickers & a few princess pictures she was delighted with her own room & bed :heartbeat: , I thought that because she was always so active (up bouncing in the cot & trying to escape :) ) that there was no way that she would stay in the bed, I had imagies of her banging on the stairgate wanting to come down stairs but I was wrong she loves her bed :lvs only ever got out of it a couple of times when she was sick but thats understandable. Never once looked to come downstairs :eek , when we were assembling her bed we let her help aswell putting on the lats & screwing them in I think this really helped as she really loves her bed even now, she goes to bed at 8 & I have to drag her out of it at 7.45 in the morning :ooh long may it last :o)ll :o)ll P.S. sorry for babbling but just get her involved with picking out what to put on her walls, colour paint etc & im sure she will love her room :wv
bighugs1 Posts: 212
I've been thinking about this alot as well. Can't decide if I want 2 cots or would that be a waste as DD will be 18 months when babs arrives so probably nearly 2 before this babs goes into a cot. I'm debating whether or not to just get her a toddler bed and put those side thingy's on it or bite the bullet and buy a cot bed. At the minute we just have a cot so either way she'll be giving up her cot. I'm also thinking about putting the two of them in the one room if this babs sleeps like she does it shouldn't be a problem. On my last pregnancy it was all nice daydreams about the new baby now its all practical situations. I'm still not 100% one way or the other though.