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ConfettiBetti Posts: 126
Hi Ladies, I've picked my venue and I love it but because my wedding isn't for another three years and the way the economy is at the moment - I'm terrified that if I put down a deposit the hotel will closedown between now and then... How far in advance did you put down your deposit? Are you all happy that it's totally secure? Betti:)
mrs mcl 2010 Posts: 202
Take out wedding insurance- i think it covers deposits and all so worth the money.
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
yeah I agree that your best bet is wedding insurance to safeguard your deposit. we had to pay our first hotel deposit instalment straight away to secure the date, then another one 6 mths before the date and the last instalment is due next mth.
rubybride2010 Posts: 321
Ask to pay your deposit and payments by credit card. That way if they fold your cc company should cover it. This is more tricky with bands etc as many don't accept credit cards O:|
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
We booked 22 months in advance before the economic collapse but if I was booking now, I would book by credit card so as to have some comeback.
ConfettiBetti Posts: 126
Thanks a million - I didn't even think of wedding insurance1 The credit card limit is deliberatly low so I won't be putting anything on it!
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
Generally the deposit must be paid straigt away. We just paid 1,000. Also just purchsed wedding insurance not sure how expensive it was as H2B funded it