When to send evening invites?

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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
when do these usually need to be posted?
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
Think its 3 weeks Bubblybride
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
whats a mil for that greciangoddess- another thing i may as well do and have ready to post!
Twirl Posts: 5598
yes think the norm is 3-4 weeks, we sent ours monday night and wedding is in 3 weeks from saturday. Get them written early though, just to save doing them nearer the time. If you havent done your full day invitations yet and are doing rsvps make sure you number the rsvps and correspond with your guest list as you would be amazed at people not putting their names on them. :wv
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
thanks mrsMM2010 day ones gone in the post, and just stuck our phone numbers and an email add on for rsvp! So far have 70 of the 190 bk which isnt too bad considering deadline is 30th Aug :o)ll
Twirl Posts: 5598
Bubblybride your rsvp rate is brilliant, we are still waiting on people and rsvp date was 6th of August O:| .