when to send out save the dates???

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superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hi all, just wondering when the best time to do this is??? thanks O-O
if you sending them to people abroad....i would send them as soon as you have hotel and church booked....as flights need to be booked
newyear09wife Posts: 899
We are getting wed this newyears eve and the save the dates are going out to arrive around valentines day. ... Dont think there is a set rule but I would say 1 year before maximum.
princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
I would say as soon as you have venue and date. But prob not more than a year away in case the forget!! Need to give people plenty of notice esp if wedding is abroad.
macsmissus Posts: 928
I think about a year in advance too. I'm getting married 6th March 2010 and once the date passes this year, i'll have them in the post :o0
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
we are geting married New Years Day but wondering should we send them or not i know some of my relations will be like "who the hell do they think they are sending them out" so dono what to do
stayanon Posts: 476
I've never heard of that being done before (save the date) In all the weddings I've been to over the years I never got a save the date just the invitation about 6 weeks beforehand. Is this a new thing!!
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
hi there everyone I am getting married 29th Dec and was thinking of May time sending them out. I think I will be doing it earlier now. Any recommendations on where to buy, make etc?
Gembira Posts: 847
I'm getting married May next year and I've already sent them out. I live in London and roughly 95% of my guests will be travelling to Ireland so I wanted to give them plenty of notice! I've also created a wedding website which was free so all the info is on there. I ordered magnets off ebay. Got 100 including envelopes for about £30. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/48-x-Save-the-Dat ... 240%3A1318 Everyone has commented on them. I think they're a good idea especially if you're getting married at a time that people may plan to go away. xxxx
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
i might leave it a little bit longer maybe would feel weird sending it out so far away!!! love the idea of the magnets!!!! :o0