when to start looking for dress?

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The Bride Posts: 686
I'm not getting married until September 2006. When should I start looking? I would like to lose a bit of weight too so should I hold off as long as possible. I kind of want to get the dress sorted so I can co-ordinate the rest of the colours, flowers, invitations around it. Does this matter or not?
july06b2b Posts: 9
Hiya I'm July 06 and will start looking this summer. I hope to have my dress before October anyway. If not I will get my dress made. You'll really only have to match flowers to colours of bridesmaids dresses etc. Don't pick one too early - I've heard of people picking their dress early and then regreting it because they go to their friends weddings and realised they rushed into picking their own dress because they see something else they'd prefer. good luck
bridesrus Posts: 917
I own a bridal shop and really you have right up until the end of Jan before you need to order. There are still 2 seasons worth of new dresses to come in - the 1st set will be in about July/Aug and then again Dec/jan so if it was me I would be waiting. It generally takes approx 3-6mths for wedding dresses to come in and approx 3-4 mths for bm. Don't let bridal shops scare you into ordering right away-as if you are running late with ordering you can always get a rush delivery done - it may cost you afew £'s but it will be worth it. Goodluck with your wedding plans. :lol:
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
so nine months before!!!! omg! i havent even started looking panic oh no...
Grainne20 Posts: 835
I am JUly 05 and started in october!!!
daisyhead Posts: 71
oh my god!!! :shock: i'm january '06 and haven't even started considering dress. Glad to see your post Athas, it's made me feel better
Sassy Posts: 2269
Hi Girls I'm getting married this september but when i got engaged, for the crack myself, my mam and my sister made a few appointments just to see what dress would suit me. I had no intentions in buying a dress but I went into Abbey Brides and tried on a few dresses that i thought would suit me..... Then the assistant came out with this dress, at first i didn't think i'd like it but as soon as i put it on me i fell inlove with it. My mother started crying so it had a good effect. I bought it in july 2004 and i have no regrets. Haven't seen one as nice (in my eyes that is), so i think its too early as long as you buy a dress you love.
sue06 Posts: 206
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Im getting married in July06 and started looking for the crack in Feb - and the 2nd dress i tried i fell in love with and will probably go with that. The thing is if your shopping early and you do find "The Dress" , i wouldnt go looking any further cause you will only drive yourself mental - as i learned !!!!! 8) If you do plan on loosing weight i would wait for a while as different dresses will suit you when your figure changes...
jill06 Posts: 87
i'm getting married in july 06. i didn't intend to start looking for my dress yet, but just went to try on dresses for fun...and fell in love with the first dress i tried on! i've tried on loads of dresses since, but i keep going back to the first one! i know i'm early, but i don't care...i won't change my mind! besides, it's another thing sorted out!