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mrsoh13 Posts: 6
Hi ladies Hoping to do some diy for my wedding in July, invitations, table plan and table numbers, venue decor etc but just wondering how soon do I need to start this? I feel a little unorganized after reading so many great diy posts!!
mrsb2b2014 Posts: 283
I would start now! Start a pinterest board with the type of d├ęcor/colour schemes you want - then you can build from there. If you are DIY-ing invites then it would be good to know exactly what you want to make and work your timings back so you leave yourself plenty of time to make them! If you give yourself time and know exactly what you want your craft projects will be really enjoyable to do instead of stress filled! :)
mrsoh13 Posts: 6
Thanks I had a feeling I would need to start asap, really don't want the stress closer to the day! Guess I just need to get organised and set some time aside! Any time I've started looking at invitations I get more confused there are so many different types!!
mrsb2b2014 Posts: 283
I know, there's so much choice out there! I think once you get your theme nailed down, even colours and if you want glam, vintage, contemporary style then that will help you narrow down your invite style :) Pm me if you have any questions :) x
FaerieBride Posts: 182
Oh totally would start ASAP... I am making my own invites, favours, escort card table plan and wishing tree. I am getting married in October and I started sourcing bits and pieces last year but in the last 2 weeks I've started working on each project bit by bit... And I definatrly underestimated how long each bit will take so I'm so glad I've started early!!!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I would suggest starting now...just to give yourself enough time to not stress about it... We're doing a lot of diy, have the invite and booklet mock up done, which both took ages, working out all the kinks....but that's the hard part done! Definitely agree with's a fabulous tool, especially for us DIY brides... To me, the best part about DIYing the wedding is getting things done slowly but start now and enjoy the progress you'll make! :)
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patrickbrownedesign Posts: 12
Hi. For a wedding in July, you'd want to get your invites posted out by May. You'd want all of your materials a month before this. We are an Irish company. Our cards are all handmade and include envelopes with printed names and addresses. We provide stationery products for: 01. DIY (cut & folded) 02. Self-Assembly (printed, cut & folded) 03. Fully-Assembled (printed, cut, folded, assembled - the whole shebang!). We also supply glue, double-sided tape, as well as assembly instructions and tips. You can PM me for details and prices. Thanks.