When to tell at work?

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Anon only for this Posts: 36
Hi girls, I know this has probably been asked before, but I cant find it on the search option! But when did people start telling work bout your pregnancy. Not friends in work but HR? I'm only just gone 5 weeks, but dont know whether to say it now or wait till the 12 week mark? I'm just thinking in terms of if I'm sick or have bad MS it will explain to them why i could be late in/need to go home early. I know its probabilites, but just in the event that it does happen, is it better to tell now? Thanks girls
Mrs Cath2005 Posts: 138
I am hoping to keep it from work until 16 weeks but 14 is probably more likely. I work in HR and people do not tell us until they are around 12 weeks usually, unless they are very ill (i.e. need a week off work).
mrs ddt Posts: 3235
I think the norm is 12 weeks, but I know if I was pregnant my best friend in the office would notice so would prob tell her. At least then if you were sick or needed someone to cover for you not drinking on any nights out, you'd have some support Congrats by the way, hope you have a healthy 8 more months!!
MotherNature Posts: 317
Haven't even considered telling them yet and won't for as long as I can resonably hold off, even though next week will be the big 12 week milestone.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Told my boss straight away (not HR) just in case I was sick etc. Also helped when going to the doc for checkups as was able to just pop out without any drama. Everyone is different and it depends on your relationship with your boss. Also important to tell Boss early in case there is a colleague with chickenpox, TB etc in the company as you will be first to be notified.
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
I didnt tell my boss until the 15 week mark and then only cos I had to ask for time off.
lamb nose Posts: 679
I told my boss at 11 weeks as I felt like I had to explain why I had to take a day off sick. I told HR the following week.
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi I told my bosses (we have 2 and their men!) just after 7 weeks as I had a few doc appointments in middle of day and had no holidays left - more or less so I wouldn't get hassled about missing work. They were great about it. Had a check up today so decided to tell the girls in our group and next week the boss will announce it at our monthly meeting. Just want to get the secrecy out of the way cause I haven't been able to talk to anyone in the office about it. The girls guessed and already asked me twice and it was hard to try and fob off the question when I was secretly dying to tell them.
Mrs J Posts: 387
I told my manager 'unofficially' when I was around 7 weeks as I had a scare and had taken a day off and then had to take a half day for follow-up scan etc. Didn't go public at work until 14 weeks. I know quite a few people where I work seem to tell at the 12 week mark.
irish bride Posts: 558
I had to tell my boss and HR at 7 weeks cause i was already sick as a dog at that stage and calling in sick! I didnt tell anyone else until 12 weeks - but sure at that stage everyone had guessed cause i always looked green ha ha!