when to tell employer?

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jen2007 Posts: 218
hi girls hope ye can help me ! have just found out im 5 wks pregnant and am delighted was wondering when is the best time to tell your employer thanks
ginger nut Posts: 5989
the right time to tell them is when you feel ready to tell them. Unless of course your job entails handling potentially dangerous products (chemicals etc - ie if you worked in a lab or a factory) or if you have to do a lot of heavy lifting or other physical type of work - in that case telling them earlier is advisable so that you can be moved to more suitable work. And if you are taking a lot of time off work due to MS or whatever then maybe you'd have to tell them sooner as well - otherwise if you don't explain all your absences it might reflect poorly on you. Check on www.citizensinformation.ie (i think that's the website) for what the statutory requirements for advising your employers of your intent to take maternity leave. I had to submit a form to my employers no later than 8 weeks before my maternity leave begins. Best of luck with it all Jen