When to tell stepdaughter

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Babysmurf22 Posts: 74
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twinbambinos Posts: 3492
we told stepson (9) just after 12 weeks scan as had told all other family at that stage and was afraid he would hear it from someone else. We explained to him that babies wouldnt be here till Summer and that he had to be patient and he totally understood. Its been lovely having him involved the whole way through it..he has gotten to see my tummy grow and asks loads of questions about how big babies are when he sees my tummy grows. I also got to bring him to one of my scans and they made such a fuss of him being the big brother it was brillant :lvs I would tell her prob after 12 weeks as you need to make her feel really involved so that she feels special aswell. Good luck :wv
Babysmurf22 Posts: 74
keyra Posts: 801
I agree with twinbambinos, i think you should tell her at 12 weeks when telling the rest of the family. I have stepchildren and we told them at 9 weeks, before we told anyone else, they are my DH's children and his closest family and he wanted them to know so i support that. I know you feel there is no need for her to know but she does need to feel involved and part of the family. Good luck.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
heya congrats on your bfp :o)ll we told SD about our impending arrival after the 12 week scan, shes the same age as your sd now, and i had my family told at 8/9 weeks due to compications, but didnt want her knowing this early as her mother is a trouble maker etc, we made it our business to ensure that she understand that she would always have a room etc in our house and reassured her on everyquestion she had for us, we just showed her the scan pic and asked her did she know what it was :wv we didnt tell her the due date(again due to the nastiness of the mother)she wud have come up with some mad notions ) we just said we were due the baby in the summer :wv at the start, she had no interest in the baby when she was born, didnt even tell her friends, only now she kinda plays with her, i suppose theres a bit of jealousy there, but that cant be helped feel free to PM me if you have any questions :action31
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Slighly different here but my mam told me when6 she was 4wks pregnant on both my brother and sister (i was first to know) and they told my nana/granda and family after me, actually with my sister me and my nana were told together, however i was older (19 & 22 respectively), i was still my dads only child and he told me when he was telling the rest of the family about my sister. I think its only fair to include her as she may feel a little jealous that she wont be daddys only LO anymore and make a fuss of her, maybe taking her to a scan if u can as OP did? Thats just my opinion!
Babysmurf22 Posts: 74
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one of each Posts: 1277
I was 9 when my mam was pregnant with my little brother. She didn't want to tell me to early as she thought it would be too long for me to wait. The rest of my brothers knew though but they were older. I think she told me when she was 6 months and I never suspected anything.