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mum2bee Posts: 6
Hi Girls Need advice on this one. I recently found out i was pregnant ( 6 weeks). Haven't told a sinner except DH. We are very excited as we hadn't officially tried to conceive (although it was kinda on the cards) but we are very lucky and it just happened. I am still trying to get my head around the whole idea that I am going to have a baby. The thing is what do I do about telling people. I have a sister who is currently 11 weeks pregnant with her second baby. I was in the house with her on sat and I was trying to tell her my news but It just wouldn't come out. I don't know why because she is very suportive of me and we have a really good relationship. I just wanted to keep my secret a secret for another while. Such relief whan I hadn't told her. Then there is my best friend who knows everything about me. I haven't told her either. I just feel so guarded with this information that I am wondering if it's just me or will i get to the stage that I want people to know. Am I acting weird??? Is anyone feeling like me?
futuremama Posts: 273
We didn't tell a soul until this weekend, once we had our scan and knew everything was ok. Personally we really enjoyed having our own little secret and we realy feel ready to tell people now. I think its personal choice really and nobody has been put out by us note telling them sooner. Congrats by the way :o)ll :o)ll - its such an exciting time!!
breeze Posts: 1175
Apart from both parents knowing we havent told a sinner either. Had my first hsp appointment today and also had a dating scan, i wanted to wait until we had that just to make sure all was well, and it is. :o)ll Will probably let people know by the end of the week, starting to get big now, so they might guess.
stickytoffee Posts: 713
yeah, i loved just having it a secret for me and DH for the first few weeks. its a very special time. tell them when you feel the time i right