when to tell work?

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aylala Posts: 3673
going to ring the doc now to make appt for tmw hopefully but my job have brought in a new rule that dr appt be taken outside of core hours so do i tell them im pregnant so they might be more lenient or say nothing? I cant ask anyone in here without saying its for me
chefmaid Posts: 2426
See if you can get an appointment for the hours you dont work. If you cant just explain to them that you tried to get an appointment outside of work hours and it wasn't possible. No need to tell them why you have to go
aylala Posts: 3673
will try get one for after hours so. A few people asking me am i ok i look tired hope i can hide this for 8 more weeks pg
yellow08 Posts: 104
I am using another illness as an excuse for my appointments until 12 weeks are up. I went to doc this morning and said it was to get tests done for IBS, I told them I was referred to a consultant, and there's my scan appointment - hopefully. That's hard alright that you have to get a doctors appointment outside work hours. Things have changed where I work too, if I am sick I don't get paid for the first day I am sick, certified or not. So can't let this ms get to me as I can't afford to be losing a day's pay. Hopefully something will work out for you.