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trixiebell Posts: 75
I have a 32 day cycle and so am due my period on the 20th this month. I’ve been checking my temperature to see when I ovulate and it seems that it was the 8th. One place I read suggested I wait for 18 days to do a test. That would bring me up to the 26th!! I bought the first response pregnancy test and planned to test in the morning, the 18th, 2 days before my period is due. I am just so excited I cannot wait to test. At the same time, I don’t feel pregnant! Should I wait a little longer before testing?
snozberry Posts: 1212
trixiebell, there is two answers to this. Firstly - try and hold off as long as you possibly can especially if you do not even feel pregnant - usually first sign is Killingly sore boobs!! At least if your period is late, you stand a better chance of getting a positive result. or Secondly - do it now and get the disappointment over with so you can carry on with your life wondering.... only thing is although they say they are acurate - that is usually only a majority so you may get a negative but actually be pregnant IF you do the test before your period is due. Its all very confusing and can end up being a very expensive exercise as the tests especially digital ones are not cheap. Heres hoping you get the BFP (big fat positive) but try not to be too disheartened if you dont. best of luck!
Gerbera Posts: 539
Personally I would wait until the day (20th) or even the day after to do the test. It's very difficult to wait when you're so excited about the possibility of actually being pregnant but it could be worth it in the end. The test will be more accurate if it's after your period due date, every day makes such a difference when testing! In the meantime, try not to get stressed over it, this will have an impact like delaying period etc. Best of luck with it, let us know how you get on.
Princess Atora Posts: 275
Trixiebell, Mrs. Snoz is right. Just try to hang on in there until the last minute, to give yourself the better chance of getting a more correct result. I know it'll be hard but hang in there!! Hope it'll be the result you've been waiting for :)
trixiebell Posts: 75
Thanks for the replys girls. Between this and the rollercoaster chat page talking about waiting years and going through IVF treatment etc. I am really going to concentrate on being less impatient. I think I get a bit obsessed!! I did the same for the wedding :oops: I guess it could take months or even years. But it is very hard waiting!!!! I've decided to not do it in the morning. Can't promise about wednesday yet....