When will hospital do elective ceserean for breech??

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veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
Suppose the question is in the title but on your first baby when will they preform the ceserean for breech baby?? Is it earlier than the 40 weeks?? Am only 33 weeks tomorrow but on my last check up babs was breech.. back for scan at 36 weeks so will know more then just curious tho??...
love struck Posts: 1125
veryhappyveryhappy Normally on a 1st they leave it as late as possible 1stly as most 1st timers dont go on time and also as babs can turn at any stage. A friend had a baby last year in HS babs was breech and they monitored here until she was 41weeks and then they did a section, they had hoped baby would move but at 41weeks consultant gave up and went for section.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
It depends what hospital you are with. two of my friends lately had babies by c section due to being breech and both were done at 39 weeks.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my baby is breech too hasn't moved position at all is happy out where he is, i hope they do a c section early!!! so tired all the time now, to go even a week early would be so good
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Very happy, are you talking about a C-Section by choice? If that's the case, most consultants will do it, generally only if you are private as they cost extra to do. Obviously they don't cost extra if your baby is breech or you need a c-section. But if you want one out of choice for whatever reason, don't want to deliver naturally as a personal choice, I know it depends on the consultant, a lot do it, but it does cost a good bit extra. I know this coz my sis-in-law had one by choice...didn't want to ruin 'down below'!!!! :eek
cardsbykaren Posts: 119
Hi veryhappy My ds was breach and at 36 week check up they got the appointment book out, they wanted to do it at 39 weeks but because theatre was booked went with 38+4 they had no concerns as scans ( and humongous bump LOL ) were showing a bigbaby . He was 10lbs 9.5oz . I dread to think what size he could have beensorry for going off track but ithink 39 weeks is what they look at. Good luck Karen ( I had ds in UCHG- Galway )
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my OB is taking me a week early i think!
agie Posts: 1107
First c section for breech baby in Holles Street I was 39wks and 4 days.
The Wife Posts: 252
I was 39 +2 wks. They will usually leave it as long as they can before deciding to do section to see if baby turns.