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brideofjune6 Posts: 199
Hi girls, Just a little worried when i will tell my Co-workers as the Doc told me not to be pulling around anything and another girl i worked with in my job had MC last year, dragging pallet trucks and stuff working in Manufacturing in a factory, when would be time to tell my Co-workers as u can see i am on gone 4 weeks . Some advice would be great, O-O :wv :wv :thnk :thnk Brideofjune6 :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
would they need to do a risk assessment in your line of work cause you're pregnant? or could you just tell your manager if you have worries? Personally I'd be very reluctant to tell anyone in work til I was 8 weeks at least. Just in case something went wrong I wouldn't have wanted them to know. It depends how physical your work is really. Look at my ticker - I've been lugging DD around my whole pregnancy :o0 her new favourite thing is to dive over my bump while I'm sititng on couch - poor baby is getting kicked righ, left and centre by DD. My midwife friend saw and just told me to go a little easier wtih the bump also I'd my appendix out two weeks ago and shouldn't ahve been lifting DD but obviously that was easier said than done cause all she wanted was to be held when I got home. Didn't do any harm - well to the baby, my stomach is another matter!