When will you/did you finish up work-go on Maternity leave?

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brideeee Posts: 1490
HI there, I was thinking about work and when I should finish up- getting quite big now so I can't imagine what size I'll be at the end of my pregnancy. I'm due Feb 26th and was thinking about finishing up Feb 4th- Is it 6 weeks beforehand I have to let my employer know? Just wondering if 3 weeks before bubs arrives will be enough?? I know it's hard to judge- Would like to hear opinions etc? thanks a million, from a very green mom2be, xx b
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I am going to wait to pin myself down to dates till after 6th of December (when the budget is out) encase the nice Minster gives us a couple of extra weeks....as everything is normally after March 01! If they don't then I'll start ML on the 25th of Feb, that's two weeks before my EDD! I'd rather keep the time after then before.......
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Im due 12th Jan, taking ML on 21st Dec as that the date we break for Christmas. That is 3 weeks before im due. Im hoping i can wait that long im lucky i only have a 20 min drive to and from work and my job is dead at the moment and will be for the rest of the year. I have about 1 hours work a day, very boring though. That means i have 7 weeks left. :o)ll
Bear Posts: 671
I'm due April 25th. Will be off for easter hols for the last 2 weeks of march. Will probably go back to work for a week so that hols aren't included in mat leave. So will finish up around 3 weeks before edd.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I am planning to finish 3 weeks before DD, but if I decide to go earlier might take some unpaid leave or something. Employer needs 4 weeks before the first day of maternity leave (not DD) and if you are applying for maternity benefit, you need to hand in the paperwork at least 6 weeks before the first day of maternity leave (not DD). The latest you can give up work by law is 2 weeks before your DD. For example, I am due 22/03/08. I intend to go on on ML on 01/03/08 I have to tell employer by 01/02/08 I have to apply for MB by 15/01/08. HTH!
River Posts: 845
Hi, I'm due 21st March and have to finish two weeks before hand so maternity leave starts on 7th March but I'm going to take a week of holidays from 29th Feb. Psychologically I feel so much happier thinking that I only have to work until next Feb instead of March :o0
dovedro Posts: 1295
I'm going to finish up 2 weeks before DD (all going well) as I'd prefer to have the paid time off after than before HTH
charli Posts: 5994
i too am hoping to stay until 2 weeks before and keep all my mat leave + hols etc for afters with the babs who knows, i mean you could have to go early or be signed off sick for a bit and that could change but all going well thats my plan!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Girls my advice would be apply for ML for 2 weeks before your due date. If you want to finish up before hand then get a cert. Don't waste your ML.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I am due 30th Nov ant takin ML from 16th (2 weeks before) I think I'd prefare to have the time off afterwards, also I am having a fairly easy pregnancy so dont feel the need to be off yet, its taking my mind off it a little too. Think I'd climb the walls sitting at home waiting either that or have us bankrupt out shopping all the time :o0 . I am very tires at mo though I have to say and at times I think Im mad working on but only 2 weeks to go :o)ll