When you ring the hospital the first time

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MrsRugby Posts: 1532
what do you say ?? i know its a thick question, but I am going public and doing combined care with my GP so I thought all my appointment dates with hospital and GP would be on this card??? is this wrong ?? should i be making direct contact with hospital?? Thanks and sorry ! totally new to all this :thnk I am only 6weeks :lvs
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Hi, I too am going public with combined care with my gp. My gp told me to do it immediately. when I rang, I just said that I have been to my gp and I'm pregnant and I wanted to register with the hospital. You should do it as soon as possible because when I rang they took my details and gave me date for my first scan...as far as I know there can be quite a waiting list for the first scan....the longer you leave to register, the further away our appointment could be...some women I know only got one scan around the 18-20 week mark( even though they registered long before this) I actually then registered with the Domino Community Midwife scheme and they made my scan appointments with the hospital. so don't delay ringing :wv
wollysocks Posts: 1773
sorry Mrs Rugby- I just reread my answer there and maybe it wasnt clear- yes you should make direct contact with the hospital as your scans will be done in the hospital and you need to make appt with the hosp for this. I have the combined care card and for me the gp writes in this- but I got another from the hosp and the midwifes write their appts down on this... in my experience-I'm doing Domino scheme-its public also- I don't now about others- combined care doesnt actually mean any communication between my gp and the midwifes.. the gp generally checks blood pressure, heartbeat of baby and my urine...my bloods were done by the midwives...I then relay any info to my gp- she doesnt get any records about me sent to her...hopw that helps a bit...it might be slightly different if you're not doing the midwife scheme...maybe somebody else can give you more info...
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thanks so much girls :thnk
summer101 Posts: 377
girls can i jump in here... i changed my doc to a young female who's new to the clinic but from reading other posts i'm not too happy she never mentioned hospitals or booking scans etc wondering would i be better off going back to my own doc.. I have been to gynae recently as i had to get abnormal cells removed wondering if i should contact her instead?? also a friend mentioned that antenatal app with doctors are free even to those without medical card, is this true?
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi girls, I think it might depend on your hospital or your doctor. I never had to ring the hospital for appointment(only antenatal classes). My doctor organised it all for me. I'm going to CUMH. I suppose give the hospital a buzz and ask them what their procedure is... :wv