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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Girls im confused is the baby supposed to sleep with you in your bedroom for the first few months?and what is it supposed to sleep in,I was told on saturday that Moses baskets dont last maybe a month and then a cot is needed :ooh also the moses basket type prams some of them babies can sleep in but a stand would be needed too of course OR bring the whole pram into your bedroom and have it beside you for baby sleeping? :eek :eek that seems a bit mad to me.... then SIL said put baby into this own room immediately as the room is seconds away from us????????????so confusing what to do or buy :o(
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hello Mama Dora! I am thinking of getting one of those swinging cribs, as they are supposed to last up to 6 months. They aren't that expensive. Our room is too small for a cot. I have heard you should have the baby in with you for about 6 months. I don't think I want the baby in their own room straight away, imagine the middle of the night feeds in the freezing months of November December, having to get out of bed! No thanks!!! I am a worrier anyway and would just prefer the baby to be beside me. I am sure everyone's opinions are different on this one, just do what you feel is right. The weeks are flying now, aren't they!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Thanks for that its so confusing and when you get different opinions I get panicked trying whats best for us and baby....I love the moses baskets and would prefare it beside me to be honest..imagine how lonely baby would feel in the room on its own...
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Dolly it is head wrecking! I think it's the Cot Death Association that recommends having the baby in your bedroom for the first 6 months - but then a midwife at the Mothercare info session said that's not really necessary once your nursery is not too far away and you check on the baby regularly. We're getting a crib for our bedroom that is supposed to last 6 months and we'll buy a big cot/bed for the nursery once the baby is born. We're being given a moses basket but we'll just use that downstairs for naps until the baby grows out of it. You can put a newborn in a big cot if you get one of those thingies in Mothercare to stop them sliding down. Some prams like Bugaboo and iCandy come with carrycots (that come off the frame) that are suitable for overnight sleeping and they're supposed to last 6 months so that would be an option too.
Cowslip Posts: 761
I heard the same thing, that baby should stay in the same room as you for the first six months, I think it reduces the incidence of cot death. But they should never sleep in the same bed as you, as this increases the chance of cot death...and especially if either Mum or Dad is a smoker... TheBigDay, we were given a cradle by a friends who no longer needs it, she stopped using it when her last baby was 4 months old as he had grown out of it, so I'm not sure you will get six months out of it....
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Im going to put baby in Moses basket in our room for about 6 weeks (hopefully) and then move to cot in the nursery. Re swinging crib,carriers, etc my sister got 2 of same rocking chair things (one for upstair and one for downstairs) that she put her son into to sleep and they ruined him. She said they were the worst thing ever he ended up he couldnt sleep anywhere else and got too big for them at 6 months. :eek
Tigletts Posts: 2904
After seeing the carrycots on Sat, I think there's no way a baby will sleep in them up to six months, or a moses basket or crib either to be honest. The reason being, that now we put babies to sleep on their backs, so they're too narrow when they put their arms out, which babies tend to do (I think). Before we used to put them to sleep on their sides. Anyhow, I'm more for getting baby used to it's own room/cot as soon as possible to be honest. But of course I might change my tune once baba's born !!
jen2 Posts: 3106
We kept both DD and DS in the room with us until they had grwon out of the moses basket (about 10 weeks). We then put them in their cot, in the nursery. What I did was that I put the moses basket in the cot for a good few nights, so that the babys enviroment was not totally changend all at once, and after a weeek or so moved them out of th emoses basket and fully into the cot. I also had the montiors with the sensor mat onthem. So basicaly if the baby stops breathing the an alarm would go off. It gave me a huge piece of mind. In saying that we have bought a crib this time, as this baby will be staying in our room until it can sleep though the night, as it will have to share the nursery with our DS, and I dont want the baby waking him up as he sleeps about 13hrs a night for us. So that will prob be till the baby is about 3 months old. In sayng that DD started sleeping through the night from just over 3 weeks old. Could I be that lucky again? Jen2
Perci Posts: 3847
We're going to buy this cot for our room initially and then wheel it and expand it in the nursery when we feel ready.
summer daisy Posts: 1336
we have our DD in our room with us.. She is almost 6 months now and we will be moving her out in the next 2 weeks.. we are just finishing off her nursery. She sleeps in a crib and loves it.. she still wakes at night (about 3am) for a very quick feed so it is handy having her in our room. In fairness she is still only a little thing so the crib is still the perfect size for her. She has been in the crib since birth and I hope that she will make the transition to the cot without any difficulty (and i will be able to turn on my bedroom light again for the first time in months!!) HTH