Where can I buy a slip?

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Bridester Posts: 920
Hey girls, Impulse bought a semi sheer dress today and I want to get a slip (of all things) to go under it but I have no idea where to get one as I haven't really seen or heard of one in years. Does anyone still wear these? If so where do they buy them? If not what do they wear under a sheer dress so it isn't see through? I am based in Dublin. Cheers!
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
Dunnes, Debenhams, Marksies, I think even Pennys on occasion. Most old ladies ones. I know Dunnes do body control ones, but I can never get one in an 8 or 10.
jegoruss Posts: 258
dunnes have them.
Bridester Posts: 920
Really? It's mad how I can just pass by these things and never notice them when I don't need them. Will take a look in those places. Cheers!
mobmar Posts: 642
Marks & Spenser. All shapes and sizes here: