Where can I buy gold indoor sparklers??

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mcdnomore Posts: 132
I was at a wedding in the States a couple of years ago and they had little sparklers for all the guests during the 1st dance, it was very cute. I've checked with our hotel and they're ok with it but I can't source them anywhere in Ireland and because they're "fireworks" I can't buy them online. Has anyone seen them here in Ireland? I'm based in Dublin. Thanks :wv
minibuddy Posts: 320
When you getting married? As im sure in a few weeks the shops will have all the halloween stuff and im sure you will get them then. Tesco's also stock them, in the bigger ones they have some wedding stuff where the party stuff is and you can get them there. Or else try www.thelastdetail.co.uk
angelique Posts: 99
you can get them in the online wedding shop. gold/silver heart shaped ones. [url:2uhwfgg0]http://www.onlineweddingshop.co.uk/cat.asp?c=59&usrID=5F45FC68-114A-4139-8F4D-472682FD098C[/url:2uhwfgg0]