Where can I get Anomaly/3d/4d scan done?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
Can anyone tell me where to get Anomaly/3d/4d scan done? I've rang Charlemount Clinic and Femplus but they dont offer any of them Also, if your in the know, do you know how much they are? My hospital don't do them at all
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Not sure about anomaly scans as think only mat hospitals do them at least I've never heard of a private clinic that does one ....although there may well be one. www.babyscan.ie do the 3d/4d scans they are based in swords and Rathgar Am going for one in Rathgar at 27 weeks HTH Edited to say : its about €200
kittenheels Posts: 59
Hi I saw an ad on this page for ultrasound dimensions in Blackrock. They do the anomoly scans for €165 I think. Ultrasound Dimensions Ltd. 21 Main St. Middle Floor Blackrock Co. Dublin Ireland Tel : 01 210 0232 Fax : 01 902 0038 E-mail : [email protected]
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd highly recommend Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrosk. I'd an early dating scan, a nuchal test and 3D scan there and they were brilliant.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I had a big fight with my local hospital about this - they refer private patients for anomaly scan but public patients don't get the opportunity of the scan (even though I had no problem paying for it) My gp told me rotunda do it - we ended up going to clinic in Blackrock but my gp pointed out that private clinics don't have a qualified radiologist/doctor to sign off that every thing is ok. DP couldn't take day off work for rotunda so we went on a Sunday to Blackrock. Rotunda would be the best - you don't need to be attending the hospital. i can't remember the name of the doctor in Rotunda who does it - its Fergal something i think. Maybe ring your gp and she might know. Just edited to say I did find the lady in Blackrock very thorough checking stuff and she did out a little report card for my consultant.
Wannabe Posts: 181
Im Attending OLOL Hosp Drogheda and all i am getting there was my first scan at 13wks, i was very concerned as the 20wk anomaly scan is the most important one in my opinion so i booked the ultrasound dimension clinic in blackrock, it was 165eur and she also printed off some photos in 3D, the lady was extremely and went through every detail with us, you can get this scan from 18 to 24 wks i think. Best of luck :wv
siobhanbolt Posts: 28
Hey there, we went to Ultrasound Dimensions too. [quote:1go6vas9]Little Miss Hopeful "my gp pointed out that private clinics don't have a qualified radiologist/doctor to sign off that every thing is ok. "[/quote:1go6vas9] i know your Gp might not be referring to Ultrasound Dimensions directly but I Just found this on their website: [url:1go6vas9]http://www.ultrasound.ie/aboutus.html[/url:1go6vas9] [quote:1go6vas9] "...Our Irish Consultant Radiologists, Sonographers and operation staff ensure you will receive the best care possible..."[/quote:1go6vas9] and also [quote:1go6vas9] Clinical Specialist: Monica Healy IIR, ARDMS, CARDUP, BMUS brings over 26 years of medical diagnostic imaging experience to our centre. Monica has worked, studied and lectured in North America, UK and Ireland. Amongst her multitude of credits she also held the Clinical Specialist position at St. Vincent's University Hospital in Dublin. She oversees our team of sonographers, lectures at UCD and is a very proud mother of six children. "[/quote:1go6vas9] Hope that helps and clears up the qualified staff issue. good luck! :wv