where can i get reasonable invitations

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xcited bride Posts: 359
hi girls does anybody have websites of where i can get very reasonable invitations, dont wanna spend a fortune but still want nice ones. had planned on going with chunky cherub but want one last look around before i buy,, definitely dont want diy as i would pritt stick my fingers together, useless that way. :o0 . kinda looking for somewhere in south or north, not sure if i would have to pay to get invitations in from england :-8 maybe somebody on hear would know that :wv ps chunky cherub have quoted me less than €300 for 80 day invitations, rsvp and envelopes, is it possible to get better
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Hi xcited bride! :wv Have a look on ebay and get some quotes. I wouldn't have thought of ebay for invites until a work colleague got some from ebay (it was a shop that was something like yourdayyourway, lady called bernie). The invites were fab with a ribbon on each of them. Worth a look! I know that she paid 250 sterling for 150 invites and rsvp cards. Good luck with your choice :thnk
panda_bear Posts: 342
It really depends on what you want, you could make your own etc we got ours from www.thecartoonyou.com they're caricatures of us, really cute ones and much more reasonable than any of the other caricature people I priced with.
SeptBride09 Posts: 68
Can second the comment about yourdayyourway - invitations by Bernie on ebay. I got the exact invitations I was looking for and Bernie is lovely to deal with. I got 70 day and 25 evening invitations for less than €150 - Bernie was recommended by another wollie too... HTH
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Hi septbride09 I'm so glad I got the names right woo hoo!!! I'm actually thinking I'll just go with bernie as well, the invites I saw were so so nice and it's great to be able to cut corners here and there with the smaller things. Best of luck girls with all your planning :-8
mrsm2010 Posts: 464
Hi - we plan to use www.printed4u.co.uk Prices include postage, worth getting some samples from!
xcited bride Posts: 359
hi girls thanks for replying. does yourweddingyourway print the wording on the invitation ie Mr and Mrs X invite you to the wedding of their daughter to.. etc or is it blanks that you hand write in. defo all about cutting cornors, ya can still get quality but at the right price, esp on something that ends up in bin. only since i started planning my own wedding did i start to notice stuff like invitations.. cant remember what anybodys invitations look like to be honest
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I'm the same as you xcited bride, I have only started paying attention to these things since getting engaged!!! They do print the details on the card. My colleague had hers like so: Xcitd & Xcitd to be request the pleasure of your company at their wedding celebration Ceremony will take place in x at 1pm with reception afterwards in y hotel Therefore they didn't have to write individual names on the invites. Otherwise I'd say you'd have to get a blank line and fill in the indivdual names yourself or else pay through the nose!!! Look her up and e mail her, I believe she is very good to deal with. I am going to contact her soon and see how I get on myself with her!
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Hi girls I used Bernie for my invites. She is great to deal with & excellent value for money! Could get nothing money or quality wise to match her Here is a link to the invites that she did for me http://s469.photobucket.com/albums/rr58 ... 20Invites/ She will print exactly what she wants & makes anything. For £946.70 (just over €1000) I got 100 Day Invites Envo Boxed 20 Evening Invites Envo Boxed 140 THank You Cards 100 Mass Booklet Covers 100 RSVP 12 Presentation Boxes 100 Cake Boxes 500 Perlescent paper inserts for mass booklets 1 Large keepsake Boxes 200 Lottery Card Holders 2 FG Favours & Delivery
papillon Posts: 1305
We paid €172 in total for 90 wedding invites and envelopes and 30 evening invites and envelopes. The sterling exchange rate really helped. www.weddingcardprinters.co.uk