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watchthisspace Posts: 591
Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I could get Bill Levkoff bridesmaids dresses in Ireland? I don't want to buy them online but have no idea if they stock him over here. I've fallen in love with one of his dreses and so have my BM's. This is the link (hope it works) if anyone has seen them http://www.billlevkoff.com/collections/ ... ?dress=929 Thanks
bonita Posts: 1678
Hi Elsie, That dress is fab - very nice. I don't know anywhere that stock them unfotunately but I think Dessy do a similar dresss www.dessy.co.uk and the stock them in a few places here, bridal wraptures is one I can think of off hand. Is there a contact us option on the Bill website? Maybe try emailing them. Best of luck its a fab dress :wv
denny Posts: 221
Hi Elsie i don't think Bill's dresses are sold in Ireland but I ordered three over the internet. They all needed slight alteration but I would have expected that anyway, overall I was really happy with them.
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Thanks guys I checked out the dessy site and they have some lovely stuff. Maybe I'll just have to order online....it scares me though :-8
shoegals Posts: 1640
Looks like the same dress that fmelrose has in her photos on Wedding Reports. They are stunning, have a look at her fab photos and see if you think they are the same. Maybe you could pm her to find out where she got her bm dresses from.
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
Sorry Elsie, no idea.. But what a beautiful dress, bo wonder you're in love with it... If I were you I think I'd buy it on the internet and source a good dressmaker to do alterations. Good Luck
B2BSept07 Posts: 106
Those dresses are divine, i love the gold. I haven't come across that brand here in Ireland. I was BM for a friend last year in New York and we wore Bill Levkoff dresses and they were gorgeous. My Bridesmaids and I picked Alvina Valenta dresses and I bought them off gownsales.com. Everything worked out great. Bridal Wraptures sell this brand as do the bridal shop in NewCastleWest. You could take a peek at them in there. www.alvinavalenta.com
Ellie28 Posts: 121
hey - i would try tracy bridal in galway, they stock alot fo the american designer bridesmaid dresses... i think u mite have some luck there... E
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Thanks guys fingers corssed I can get them here but alas if it means a trip to New York I'll see what I can do hee hee hee O-O