Where can I pump in galway

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waffle Posts: 167
We're going to the Christmas market in galway on Saturday and I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I could go to pump?
Ljp Posts: 161
Mothercare in the eyre square centre on ground floor (beside Christmas market) has a feeding room that is supposed to be good. It may be an option for you. Is it manual or electric. If u need a socket u could ring and ask if there is one in the room. There may be better options though just cant think of any. Enjoy the market...
waffle Posts: 167
Thanks a million ill give them a shout. My pump works on electricity and batteries so as long as I have a private room ill b happy. Delighted coz this shows that I can pump and still get out and about for more than 21/2 hours at a time!
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
I've pumped in the car on several occasions, in case you are stuck :o0
Ruby7 Posts: 77
Only option around eyre square is mothercare. It is a room with two chairs and a changing mat so there could be other people in there as well if you wanted complete privacy then the car would be your only option.
gunadeas Posts: 143
Boots on shop street have a feeding room as well. I think that's it in Galway they are the only 2 I have ever used. I cant think of anywhere else to go especially if you have to pump. Hope that helps.