Where Can I Sell My Plus Size Dress???

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kazgal Posts: 70
Hi Guys!!! I got married last Friday week :hyper: ,had a great day!!!! Im now looking to sell my beautiful wedding dress. Its a plus size and was never altered. At the moment its in the cleaners as I have nowhere to put it in my house...I cant collect it! I would love to sell it on to another bride as it is stunning and very flatering. Its a size 26, Im a size 22 in other clothes but as the dress is corset back it didnt need to be altered. Can you guys recommend where would be the best place to sell my dress?? ~I am in the midlands. Thanks guys :thnk
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Have you put it on the buy and sell section of here? Another Wollie might take it off your hands! Include all the details of the dress design and lots of pics. Also try the Bridal Boutique in Cork - they take in once worn dresses, sell them on, take a commission and then the seller gets a percentage too. They have a good reputation, so I'd say they'll look after you. I haven't decided if I'm going to sell my dress yet but I think if I do I'll give it to a shop to sell, take the hassle out of it and still make a few quid.
kazgal Posts: 70
Thanks Smileykaz!! (love the name) Im still waiting on my pics so dont want to advertise on here till I have them to post! Yeah, Iv seen on here a few times about the shops that sell the once worn dresses, so I will give them a try soon as I have all the photo's!! I was considering keeping the dress but I know it'll end up in the attic and not be seen for years...so thats why Id love to know its getting another big day out!! Thanks again for the reply! :thnk
vidia Posts: 2960
Hey, I tried to sell mine on B & S here and "done deal" and got nowhere!!! I contacted The Wedding Collection in Carlow, and sent my dress to them. It sold within a few mths and I received nearly 1/2 of what it cost me. Happy Days!!! They were lovely to deal with I have to say.. Ive heard great things about the SewZone in Dublin and I think they are a supplier on here.. I also contacted the shop in Cork that Smileykaz mentioned above, but I couldnt get a straight answer regarding commission etc.. Hope this helps!!
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
Try [url:1q8nfdi7]http://www.sellmyweddingdress.net[/url:1q8nfdi7]