Where did your waters break?

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pluto Posts: 3893
Those of you who have had your babs? I just have visions of myself in Tesco or Mothercare or something, with a flood around me :-8 :o0
Hepburn Posts: 4081
My waters never broke on either of my babies. I was well into labour on both of them when they broke my waters for me in the hospital.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
My Cousins waters broke in Tescos on Christmas eve at about 5pm. She said it wasnt one of those trickles it was a gush! She was mortified :o0 - baby born at 1am on christmas morning!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Just to say that water breaking before labour begins only happens to about 10% of women. You are much more likely to already be in labour.
LabLady Posts: 4325
[quote="swissgirl":309w5tf0]My Cousins waters broke in Tescos on Christmas eve at about 5pm. She said it wasnt one of those trickles it was a gush! She was mortified :o0 - baby born at 1am on christmas morning![/quote:309w5tf0] spillage in aisle 3! That was a running joke with SIL when pregnant, she was scared it would happen to her! DH's moms water broke while sitting at a table playing cards at a party! Thought she just wet herself then realised soaking. DH's aunt was walking from Crescent shopping Centre out to Raheen, had passed the Regional Hospital and was wearing like ugg boots (35 years ago) and thought she must have got a kidney infection, that she had wet herself. Continued her walk home with her shopping with the fluid squelching in her boots!
bellabella Posts: 2750
:-8 Mine broke at home destroyed the place and all over Italy. My god niagra falls.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I woke up at 5am the morning of my due date with a sudden urge to pee, as I stood up to go I felt a trickle down my leg, I just said to DH either I've just wet myself or something's happening. I geot to the toilet with my legs kinda crossed & went to the toilet. Still wasn't sure what had happened as has expected a gush, got DH to put on lights & all I could see was a small track from the bed to the loo of pinkish liquid :-8 , got a shock as it was quite blood stained - didn't expect this either. Rang hospital & went in at 9am they confirmed that my waters had gone. really not what I had expected at all, just trickled all day, not even too bad just at roughly same rate as you would get period IYKWIM (sorry if TMI)
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
mine went when i was in hospital on bed at about 7cms, such a weird sound
july7812 Posts: 1787
Oh my 1st DS my waters broke just as I got out of bed - like Newgirl, it was initially just a trickle & I thought I had had a slight accident - I was also only 35 wks. Ended up admitted to hospital & it wasn't until 4 days later that they full broke as I stood up from dinner in the hospital with a massive gush :eek :ooh - a bit embarrasing as was talking to a male nurse at the time - am sure its happened to him loads. I had my son the next day. On my 2nd DS - was rolling over in bed one night (was 36 wks preg) and just felt a pop between my legs & next minute the bed was drenched. This little monkey then arrived the next day.
madmam Posts: 1294
Mine broke when I was lying on the couch at just 31 weeks. I just felt this pressure (like I was gonna fart!), then a small gush. I thought 'oh dear!', went to the loo and it just kept coming! Hospital confirmed they were broken and DS was born 12 days later!