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Ohnoshedidnt Posts: 273
Okay so i have most things booked at this stage but my problem is what do i do now?? I havent heard from any suppliers since they were booked. Do i just wait for them to contact me? Should i be checking in with them? For what? I feel like they might forget about me but i dont know what i should be contacting them for? How does it usually work? For example i thought the hotel would get in touch when it was time to start doing things but recently i had some guests try to book their rooms and they were told that they couldnt until rates had been discussed with me but they never contacted me to discuss these rates!! I emailed and rang looking for the rates and when they eventually got back to me the rates were non negotiable and there was nothing to discuss! But my point is they didnt get in touch with me about it! I have never been involved with any wedding planning and am the 1st in my family to get married so this is all new to me! Any help would be greatly appreciated :thnk
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
From my experience you may just want to email all suppliers now with a quick note just to ask if everything is booked, deposit paid etc. any problems on their side or if they have any questions for you? Then after that just sit back and relax about them until about a month before the wedding. Usually they will start to get in contact with you then anyway. My hotel didn't really want any further details until then for meal planning etc. My band the same. If deposits have been paid there shouldn't be a problem but maybe double check everything now to put your mind at ease. They have a system too and next weeks/months wedding will take priority to them but I'm sure they will all get in contact nearer your time. :wv