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busybee07 Posts: 959
Girls, need your advice on this matter. I was let go from my job in July before i returned from mat leave. Found out today that my replacement was let go a couple of weeks ago but is back in? I know i dont know the full story trying to find out from a friend of mine that still works there so cant do anything at the mo, but my head is wrecked! Why would they take him back on, and not me??? He was only in on a contract to cover my mat leave!!!
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Definately look into that. Did they give you a fair reason why they let you go and kept him on in the first place? Grounds for unfair dismissal!! Definately seek advice!!!
brightling Posts: 1496
Try and find out all you can from your friend and then seek advice. Really doesn't sound quite right.
busybee07 Posts: 959
Thanks Brightling, Yeah im gonna wait to see what my friend says and then find out. I didnt say anything at first when i was let go while on mat leave, which i now know they shouldnt of done, but if i find out that they took my replacement back to do other work there will be murder.
joker Posts: 2789
The best people to go to is Citizens Advice. The will tell you the ins and outs. As far as I know your replacement should have been let go and not kept on if you were told you could not come back to your full time employment. Did you work for an independent firm ? H2b has just told me ... defo unfair dismissal. Go to citizens advice and find out all you can from your friend... :wv
busybee07 Posts: 959
Thanks evey2010. Citizens advice were no help at first, going to ring up the equality/employment authority to see what the story is, but going to wait til i know the full story. From what ive heard, he did finish up in the middle of Aug when his contract finished but hes back again! Defo unfair dismissal as they should of taken me back to do whatever work he is doing!
nutcake Posts: 1168
that sounds very unfair :o( let us know how you get on!
busybee07 Posts: 959
Will do thanks girls!
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
I didnt think it was legal to "let a woman go" when on maternity leave?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
[quote="SparklyB2B":24270shk]I didnt think it was legal to "let a woman go" when on maternity leave?[/quote:24270shk] I think you're right there, my friend was on maternity leave from SR Technics when they let everyone go, but she wasn't officially let go until her leave finished.