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corey Posts: 66
Hi I've been lurking on this site for ages but now really need advice. Basically I've been working in my current job just over a year on a part-time basis and have just discovered I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I still haven't told my employer I'm pregnant and have recently came across a document in work which has names of employees that the company is planning on laying off, my name being one of them. Working conditions have become unbearable recently, staff being seriously rude to each other, Managers being very rude, blame being passed around left right and centre, basically just really bad office politics which I was able to handle but since finding out I'm expecting I really can't handle it anymore, dread going into work each day and probably being super sensitive over silly little things. So what I need to know is 1. If I get laid off am I entitled to the dole? Will I receive the Maternity Benefit on te dole? 2. If I went out sick due to stress before they have the chance to lay me off, how long can I go out for? And would I still receive the maternity benefit? Many thanks in advance :thnk
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Firstly I think you need to have worked for 16 weeks of your pregnancy to get paid state maternity leave. Being out on the sick is counted in this - so if you work for 7 weeks and then go out on the sick for the rest of your pregnancy they you will get state maternity. However, you need to have a doctor sign you off work as unfit - and they can only sign you off for 4 weeks at a time - so would need to go back every 4 weeks and get signed off again. Plus your company probably won't pay you long term sick so for the rest of your pregnancy you would only get state sick so might have wage decrease to take into account? Going out on the sick though won't make you any safer from being let go - did you see any timelines on the document with peoples names? How unprofessional is that to have a document like that unsecured! With regards going on the dole - if you leave then you have to wait something like 7?? weeks before you can claim the dole - if you are let off you can claim it straight away. If you are on the dole for your pregnancy then as far as I know you stay on the dole and don't move onto maternity benefit (unless you have worked for 16 weeks of the pregnancy). Hope that helps and that your work situation gets better
corey Posts: 66
Thanks marriedlife, I'm not going out on the sick to avoid being laid off, in fact the sooner they do it the better, I just can't take the crap that goes on in here anymore, feel sick at the thoughts of going to work every morning :o( The documnet didn't state a date but I'd say they'll wait until after xmas, so I feel like I'm being strung along just to get laid off at the end of it :o( I wouldn't say I'd have a problem getting my doc to sign me off work as I really am stressed to the max and it couldn't be good for the baby, although I'd have to come back in at some stage for them to either offically let me go or get them to fill in the maternity benefit form, would I? Oh it's all such a big mess :o(
mrsh2008 Posts: 898
correct me if im wrong but i think your maternity goes on the last 2years employment from when you go out... i start maternity in Jan 2010 but it goes on how much i worked in 2008......
round two Posts: 1018
Hiya, Sorry to tell you, you have to work up until 16 weeks before your due date in order to be entitled to maternity benefit so if you are 7 weeks now you need to be working to 24 weeks which is another 17 weeks. Do you think you will still be there in the new year. You benefit is calculated on last years full employment in this compnay but if you are with them less that 3 years they will loook for information on the compnay that you worked in before this and your earnings. This will then calculate your benefit. If you are let go before the 24 week mark then you are not entitled to any maternity benefit and will only be able to draw the dole. and then i am in the dark on how you can get dole and be off with a baby ??? Hope this bit helps Sorry that it is not better news for you RT
corey Posts: 66
Am I entitled to a rundancy package after only a year on part-time? As I get the impression they're either trying to get me to hand in my notice or looking for excuses to fire me :o(
marriedLife Posts: 1881
As far as I know you have to work for a company for two years to be entitled to statutory redundancy (which is 2 weeks for every year of service) - and then it's up to the company if they want to give you anything additional on top of that. Otherwise they just have to pay you your notice period I think?? Sorry I must have confused the 16 week rule then - my sister had problems with this because she was one week under so didn't get it. I thought it was having to work for 16 weeks of your pregnancy but must have got it wrong and it must be that you have to work up to 16 weeks before maternity leave? But your sick leave is counted in this though. I found this - it says 14 wks before start date of maternity leave - which is supposed to start 2 weeks before due date so thats where the 16 comes from I'd say: [quote:378qrq1r]Maternity Benefit is paid by the Department of Social and Family Affairs to women who have paid a certain number of PRSI contributions on their own insurance record and who are in recognised work up to the first day of their maternity leave. The last day of work can be within 14 weeks of the expected date of arrival of your baby.[/quote:378qrq1r]
Shannan Posts: 1334
Sorry to hear you are having to put up with such horrendous conditions, nobody should have to deal with that pregnant or not. If you end up handing in your notice because they are making things so horrible and uncomfortable that is what is called constructive dismissal, they are not allowed to do that! If this were to happen you could sue them same as unfair dismissal, however you would need to prove that the management are the ones causing the stress, although having found the list would make your case easier to prove, I don't suppose you got a copy of it? If things are so bad and you are really badly stressed I would think your best bet would be to go talk to your doctor about signing you off because of work related stress. This may actually put the shits up them a bit, I know people that genuinly got signed off work for a month due to work related stress and the company they work for have treated them a lot better since that. Of course they were actually suffering from quite severe depression because of it and had to see a behavioral therapist. I hope you can work something out to make your situation better, it is not right for a company to try and make you quit, I don't understand it either since they would not have to pay you redundancy until you are there 2 years, they would lose nothing to just make you reduntant, but you would lose 6 weeks benefit if you leave. It just seems like meaness on their part. I wonder could they be trying to save some money now but leave their options open for later as they can't just replace you if they make you redundant if they find they did actually need you.
corey Posts: 66
I got offered a new job today!!! More hours, better working conditions, more money & nicer people to work with :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll The only fly in the ointment is I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet, was going to leave it a few weeks til I got my feet well and truly in the door
billygate Posts: 952
v honest of you