where do start with wedding ring shopping?

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poppet56 Posts: 977
We met smooch wedding ring ppl at a wedding fair and provisionally made an appointment with them for December but am worried they are going to be very pushy as the lady we met was very in your face. also iif you have a platinum engagement ring does that mean you need to get platinum wedding band or would white gold be ok? does it matter?
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
if you ering is platinum it would be best to got for this in your wedding ring, so they wear the same. sometime white gold turns yellow so they wouldnt match. could you go back to the shop you got your ering?
marquise Posts: 595
You should get the same type metal in your wedding ring as your engagement ring as apparently having different ones can cause damage. The platinum can damage the white gold. I would have a look around local jewellers and try on lots of styles to see what suits your ring best.
poppet56 Posts: 977
thanks girls, its just its os expensive but i will just shop around! anyone got any recommendations?
midnightqueen Posts: 582
We were going to go with Smooch as well but we found them way too expensive. H2B's ring was going to cost €900 alone!!! He is now buying it from america but he is getting Paladium instead of platinum. If your ring is white gold it has to be dipped every year as far as i am aware...
poppet56 Posts: 977
oh princessmc did you have them to your house? that sounds very expensive alright! did you find them very pushy?
midnightqueen Posts: 582
We dident get them to our house as we met them at 2 of the wedding fairs in Dublin. The First time the guy was lovely and told us all about it and how to order with them and the 2nd time it was a woman ans she was just a pain she was no help at all and Kept trying to make an appointment with us but as soon as she started talking to us we had no entention of ordering from them plus they are not Cheap.
poppet56 Posts: 977
yeah i think i am gonna cancel - they were too pushy!
m2105 Posts: 122
we just bought our rings from smooch today, we had the guy around to our house and he was lovely, im really pleased with what we went for and dying to get the m :) i didnt find him pushy at all
discounter Posts: 441
we were in NYC a few weeks back and bought our rings (hadn't planned to). They were great value - €650 for the two. H2B's is white gold with a 15pt diamond inset in the band and mine is white gold with 8x 5 point diamonds inset in to the band (spaced out). We are delighted with them and they were soooo cheap. I would recommend buying them from over there!