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Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
We are very lucky to have some people offer us car seats, buggy etc and I am very grateful as I know these things can cost a fortune. The thing is I feel they should only come from close family or friends but not from strangers - am I just being weird!!! Also, while it's lovely to be offered things for free it's also nice to buy lovely new things for your baby and not accept everything 2nd hand.. Thoughts...... :thnk
steen Posts: 1335
No, I would agree with you. Lovely to get bits from family and close friends but I would be a bit funny about anyone else.
kala Posts: 1937
i didn't take anything really from anyone as being our first baby i wanted everything new plus i didn't want be worried about minding stuff whie using it. my mum bought us our pram so that allowed us to splash out a bit. one thing i did get from hubbys brother was a cradle cot even though we also bought our own- we have one in the sitting room and one in the bedroom. its just the rsponsiblity of being careful with anything borrowed and giving them back in good nick. but also because please God i'd like to think we will need the stuff again if we can give our little baby James a sibbling sometime in the future, but not just yet as he is only 7 weeks old. if not it will all be given to charity rather than gathering dust in the attic. feel i'm blessed have one precious baby but not being greedy i'd love to give him a brother or sister.
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Thanks for your replies :thnk
chicam Posts: 1169
Definitely agree that 2nd hand stuff from family is ok but I don't think I'd be taking them from anyone else. I'm loving the new stuff I have bought but I didn't go overboard either as got some 2nd hand stuff from family.
oddwire Posts: 842
I feel the same and we've only just started discussing these things!! As I'm only seven weeks gone we haven't really told anyone yet, but yesterday started looking at prices of equipment and what we'll need to buy when the time comes. My husband came out with "but sure (his sister) would have a load of pieces that she won't be using again". I don't have much of a relationship with his sister and I immediately felt really funny, thinking that I'd want to buy my own things rather than use her family's stuff but felt I couldn't really say any of this without offending him... Again, would like to invest in our own things as hopefully we'll be using them more than once and they would be just ours. Maybe I'm being silly and really wasting money, but still....
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Somethings we will buy new something I'm glad of the donation. I really wanted brand spanking new everything when I first got PG, but being practical and looking at it realisticlly it makes more sense to get some things second hand. Now we have the offer of 3 prams/buggies etc and I'm taking them all. One will stay in my parents permanently the other will do for 3-6 months and the 3 wheeler will be great from 6 months on. Why? Cos we're hoping to start again when McDrama is about 6-7 months and if all goes to plan we'll have to buy a new twin set, so the cash I was going to splash out will be spent then. Another way of looking at it is, I'm bring McDramas carbon foot print down by reusing and recycling. Having a family shouldn't bankrupt you and this makes sense for us.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
You will be absolutely amazed at where the hidden costs are when you're having a baby! Aside from the big bits like the buggy, cot, changing unit etc there are all the little things you don't think about! A new maternity wardrobe for mum, bits and pieces like steriliser, bottles, monitors, nappies, soothers, wipes etc! Things that all add up! That's not even counting what you will need to buy just for labour/hospital bags! Almost everything that's in my bags is new! Not cos I wanted all new stuff it's just that most things I didn't have! Don't wear pjs normally and the few pairs that I did have were at least 5yrs old and would be embarrassed to be seen in them in the hospital! :-8 If someone offers you something the intention behind it is good! If you don't want to accept it you can always just say that you've bought it already or your mum/sister/aunt/uncle whoever has already told you that this is what they will be buying you so thank you very much for your offer but we're ok for that item!
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
[quote="bride-2b":dmy77b8f]If someone offers you something the intention behind it is good! [/quote:dmy77b8f] I realise that and I would always be gracious and thankful!!
alton Posts: 3077
I'm the first to go forth and multiply in my family, and of my close friends, and on DH's side, all the kids are getting into their teens so there isn't much for anyone to pass on. Mind you they are all making up for it with lots of unsolicited advice :o0 I was grateful to get a Moses basket from a friend of a friend of my mother's! But I suppose if I was being offered lots of bits and pieces from closer family and friends I might feel differently about it. I think you have to go with whatever you're comfortable with, at the end of the day.