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Wolaholic Posts: 477
Just wondering about some items on my hospital list. [b:3t5ojn7k]1. Arnica tablets - 2. Lavender oil for bath. Nice combined with tea tree. 3. Big bottle of witch hazel. [/b:3t5ojn7k] Can you get these things in chemists or does it have to be a health food shop? Also what oil for perineal massage? (don't know if I'll be brave enough to do it, also not sure I can still reach :-8 Anything else I should add?
milis Posts: 7998
I got the arnica and lavender on birthease.co.uk but I'd imagine they're available in most health shops. I got witch hazel in the health shop, took me a while to find a health shop that had it, have never seen it in a chemist.
babyluck Posts: 764
hi I got tea tree oil - also good for bath and stitches healing and that is easy to get mcccabes pharmacies are good - the bigger ones and big boots too - that is where I got the tea tree oil I also got arinca tablets - very cheap in boots you cant put cream on stitches arinca reduces swelling and bruising so the tablets are fine also for the massage sweet almond oil - 3 euros in a health food store fortunatly my hubby is helping me with the massage I just cannot reach myself!
missybride Posts: 304
u should be able to get all these things in a chemist. im a pharmacist. if they dont stock them usually they should be able to order them and have them in next day for u. most pharmacies work this way. :) good luck xx
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I got the lavender oil and tee tree oil in Boots at the weekend (they are doing 3 for 2 on the essential oils at the moment). I also got a bottle of witch hazel in boots and it's really inexpensive.. Sorry can't help with the arnica tablets - but am sure boots will do them too!! :wv
Wannabmammy Posts: 59
Hi girlies, just wondering - even though I'm sure its an old wives tale now especially since missy bride is a pharmacist, but I thought you weren't to use lavender oil when your preggers as it can slow the babies heartbeat? I can't remember who even told me...
babaroo Posts: 329
Girls - just my tuppence worth - lavender is ok to user once you dont Over Dose on it - if using it in the bath - use 6 drops of Essential oil in TOTAL - so if your using another oil with it - combined they shouldnt exceed 6 drops. Jasmine is great also for helping with strenghtening contractions. I think its clary sage that makes the baby sleepy not lavender !!!