Where do you store your books?

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Princess09 Posts: 821
I didn't realise we had so many, books, at the moment ours are sitting in 3 stacks on top of our stairs! I'm trying to figure out what is the most cosmetically pleasing option: One option could be book case in living room or book case in spare room Our books are all various sizes! I'd be interested to know where do you keep yours? :thnk
stickwoman Posts: 2394
I have a bookcase in our living room where we keep fiction/non fiction books etc... it matches the coffee table etc... they're arranged differently depending on their size/thickness. I also have 2 bookshelves up in my "study" where I house all my academic books, magazines, job related stuff.
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
Everywhere! Have a cheap bookshelf, which is full :o( so everywhere around the place, my dad is going to build me a nice big one after the wedding so looking forward to that!
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
[quote="Angel Doodle":19owuzsl]Everywhere! Have a cheap bookshelf, which is full :o( so everywhere around the place [/quote:19owuzsl] THIS! As I write this I am looking at two crappy full bookcases, and a big pile on a chair. There are more in the bedroom. And boxes of them in my mum's. I :lvs my books, and hate getting rid of them- I read them over and over. Can't wait til we have a house and SPACE to store them
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
we havea tall bookshelf in the computer room and DH has a couple in his office for all his college/work books.
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
[quote="Rocksie80":1ok1wv1y][quote="Angel Doodle":1ok1wv1y]Everywhere! Have a cheap bookshelf, which is full :o( so everywhere around the place [/quote:1ok1wv1y][/quote:1ok1wv1y] Yep same, cheap bookshelf from argos...packed to capacity... :o)ll
luckyladee Posts: 2550
Two of the walls of our study are fitted with floor to ceiling bookcases. These ones mostly hold fiction and also the academic stuff. I have a small (as in half height) book case next to the piano which stores all of the musical scores and books of sheet music. The alcoves in the living room have built in book cases and these hold mostly non-fiction, coffee table style books etc but they're not as full as some of the other bookcases cos there's a couple of photo frames etc on those shelves with them. I've one shelf on the kitchen wall for Cookery books and then I have a bookcase in our bedroom for current (or close to current) reading material, and one in the spare room for overflow! Jeez - when I think about it and write it down - it seems crazy the amount of books we have!!
Princess09 Posts: 821
Thanks for the ideas ladies! :thnk It's funny the amount of books we have and we HARDLY EVER read! A friend gave me a book (over 1 mth ago) she recommended cos I never even know where to start with selecting a good book, and I'm only on page 26 now!!! So I hate to think if we both were big readers! Anyway I've mainly cook books, a lot of school/college stuff that I can't bring myself to ditch (in case I ever need it!) and then a few smaller fictional books/ and picture/arty books we were given as presents for wedding, which would be suitable in living room, I'm afraid having them on shelf in living room will make it fell cluttered. I'll have to find a suitable place in kitchen for my cook books and put my academic books in box room. Think tomorrow will be trip to Ikea to purchase a book shelf!
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Up until Christmas they were in boxes under the spare bed, spilling out on the floor beside our bed and stacked up against walls in the sitting room! Then H2B put up a load of shelves in the sitting room, hall and spare room. They're very high shelves (from above door-height) running along two walls in the sitting room (housing CDs, I have a LOT of CDs) painted white (walls are white) and another long one at same height in the hall with all the books crammed on. The shelves in the spare room will be used for files eventually when I get around to putting my bills and stuff in folders! Our house is small so there wasn't room for purpose built bookcases or stuff like that. Can't tell you how great it is not to be tripping over books anymore :o0 Oh, and he made three shelves for my shoes in the bedroom too :lvs
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
We have a crappy bookshelf as well in kitchen (in family room part beside couch) and I hate hate hate it! It looks so cheap and shelves are all bending etc! Drives me crazy everytime I look at it. Think I might move some of the stuff upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms or something and move the CD's into the cabinet in the sitting room. I'm sure I could get rid of some of the books. A lot of them are just gathering dust on the shelf. That's my project for next weekend!