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January Baby Posts: 1427
OMG it's so quiet here! :eek :eek Never seen it this quiet before! Is everyone over in realweddings.ie???
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
i know!! very quiet hardly any new posts but i really really dont like rw...alot went over when this went down so i dont know if they will ever come back.............maybe if we start answering every post it will look busy and everyone will come back!!! :o0
January Baby Posts: 1427
I signed up for realweddings.ie but to be honest prefer here, so used to hear now. WOL needs to pull up it's socks though with regards to slowness on this site & it being down so often lately. Is there anyone left?
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Ah come on over to Real Weddings, it's great craic.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I went over when wol was down but prefer it here. I primarily use the moms and kids forum and it isn't busy enough over there. Plus I find it weird over there.
contented Posts: 2625
[quote="Bobbie with Boobies":302q01cc]Ah come on over to Real Weddings, it's great craic.[/quote:302q01cc] Love the sig Bobbie Come on over, give it a try, we wont bite, honest O:o)
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
Trying to give it a go, I think with any of these forums you just get used to one and its weird moving!! I was always on aam and found it weird to get used to here, now i love here, so going to give rw a try!