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feefers Posts: 20
Hi, Does anyone know of any PRONOVIAS stockists in Ireland that stock the dresses 'Detalle' or 'Dalmacia'? Ive searched the net, and I can find stockists, but not any that stock either of these 2 dresses. (They are in the 2008 collection) And I LOVE both of them! :compress Any help or tips greatly appreciated!
Mrs JT Posts: 256
Hi feefers, Kathy DeStafford stocks Pronovias dresses. She has 3 shops, Howth, City Centre Dublin and Nenagh. I got my Pronovias dress in DeStaffords in Howth and it was a fantastic experience.... The girls were so nice and no nonsense with them.....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
beautiful lace in both these gowns, like La sposa Spanish, phone them on 0034934799700 ask for the sales dept then ask if any stores in Ireland can still order those gowns...Mc Elhinneys in Donegal is a stockist, they are the only retailer in Ireland who has a holding stock. That is they go the the exhibitions and order large quantities of gowns which they then sell, hence why you have to wear white gloves etc..the majority of other stores buy in samples and order from them. Now if the gown is no longer available as an order item you could try mc elhinneys as they may have it in stock!! I hope that helps..good luck
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
hi my dress is pronovias n i got it in arklow be couture is shop name hopefully you be lucky ring n c do they have it theve a sale on now so fingers crossed for ya
xcited bride Posts: 359
how much are pronovias dresses approx
mamajen Posts: 2263
[quote="xcited bride":xfbndfcb]how much are pronovias dresses approx[/quote:xfbndfcb] I'm looking at the diagonal dress from the 2008 collection and got a quote for 1920 - just to give you an idea of prices.
dizzydoll Posts: 165
There s a pronovias stockist in Kilkenny thats where I got my dress. Its called Jeutonic & I found the prices reasonable. :wv
feefers Posts: 20
Hi Laides, Thanks so much for all the help, tips and advice!! I'll try out all those options, it's great to know where to begin! Thanks again! :wv
deda Posts: 1220
They might be under Eire on the list of stockists or sometimes if you click UK they might list Irish stores under that why I don't know!
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Aibhail in Limerick stock Pronovias, thats where I got my dress. Best of luck.