Where stocks good selection of Christening gowns?

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willowwillow Posts: 40
Hi just wondering if anyone can suggest places that stock a good selection of Christening gowns in the Dublin or midlands, havent a clue where to start!
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Arnotts had a good selection when we were looking and clearys (I think)
Emme Posts: 4735
I found old lady shops to be very good! There's a communion shop walking distance of O'Connell street on the northside...sorry I know where it is but can't get my bearings this morning! Does someone else know where I'm on about? Think they do wedding dresses as well and they're supposed to be very good for christening gowns.
ructions Posts: 2689
Are you thinking of Freckles, Emme? DS was christened at 6 months and he's a big fella for his age. I found it difficult to find anything that wasn't satin, embellished or with dickie bows attached to it. Finally got him a gorgeous plain linen romper in Mamas and Papas and a lovely soft cardi. edited, why does d*ckie bows come up duck?!
Shorti3 Posts: 404
+1 for arnotts althought i got my little mans rompter suit made, arnotts had lovely stuff