Where to buy a maternity jacket/coat

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kohl Posts: 108
Anyone seen any nice maternity jackets/coats? Not too dressy, one I can wear to work and with jeans & boots and would like ok with jeans and a top on a night out? Have been keeping an eye in New Look but haven't found any. Will be in Dublin next week if anyone has seen any round town. Last time I was in Topshop they had none.
Ljp Posts: 161
I got one in Dunnes when i was pregnant this time last year. Not a maternity one, just went up two sizes and got one that had buttons at the top and flowed out at bottom iykwim. Worked really well, lasted all of pregnancy and was only 40 euro. Might be worth checking out-go in a see if any suit...
kohl Posts: 108
Thanks Lip, was thinking Dunnes might have something. Don't want to spend a fortune on it either.
Ruby7 Posts: 77
I got a lovely one on new look on line. It is a maternity one and was 49 euro. It's a burgundy snood one.
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
I got the grey version of the snood coat from New Look's maternity range. It was €49 I think. Anywhere else I looked (Debenhams, Topshop and Asos) we're looking for €100+ for their ones which I couldn't justify (not planning on having another baby after this one so won't be re-using it!).
streaks Posts: 3592
H&m in Dundrum had some yesterday. Casual not dressy. Might be worth a look if your near by.
Solar Powered Posts: 548
I got a parka on Asos that I'm very happy with recently. It was €54 I think.
Buttercup x Posts: 535
I got one on ASOS, had been looking for a while and like other I really didn't want to spend a fortune on one. The one I got popped up one day reduced to €40 from €100, it's a navy wool coat. Keep an eye on the websites, you might find a bargain.
Grey Alien Posts: 699
Hiya, My head was wrecked with this recently but I found the perfect coat in H&M Dundrum. There are two H&M shops - one which is broken into two floors and another which is called H&M Kids - this has the maternity section in the back of it. I had no idea until I wandered in to look at the kids clothes one day. I got a lovely black puffer coat which belts in just above the waist and has a hood. It's very roomy and is just under €50. I would highly recommend it.
honeybaby2011 Posts: 7
Hey Girls, Do any of the H&Ms in the city centre or swords do maternity wear or is it oly out in Dundrum. Thanks in advance for any responses