Where to buy good value Cotbed sheets?

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Muse Posts: 1580
All I have seen so far are sets in M'Care and M&P that are 70-odd euro. Nice as they are, I think that's a bit excessive. M&S have a set too, but it's quite drab as it's unisex. Where have you gotten yours and how much was it? I dont even kow if places like Dunnes etc. do them..?
Babylou Posts: 724
Smyths or Baby Elegance in dundrum. So far I've only got crib size and travel cot size but they're very reasonable :wv
amberjack Posts: 1273
Dunnes have started a new baby range, really nice, Cream and beige and their sheets are very reasonable. Guineys also have excellent value on fitted sheets and cellular blankets, fleeces etc, not sure on flat sheets though.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
My discovery of the week..........using single bed sheets in both cotbed and travel cot. DS was sick last week a number of times and I had no clean sheet for cotbed so I get a single bed sheet and put it on, it's a bit big so not fitted but use it the same as if you were using a flat sheet. A very cheap option! Then I was in my mums and forget to bring sheet for travel cot and did the same. My Mum had sheets from another travel cot and they were too small so be careful when buying travel cot sheets.
Muse Posts: 1580
Great! Thanks for all the replies so far, girls! O-O
Lynm Posts: 33
Hi Muse, dont know if you were just talking about the actual sheets for the cot or the bedding?? I got my cot sheets... as in fitted and flat sheets in Giunies, but got a great bargain last week in Mamas and Papas on the "bedding set".... this included a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, curtains with tie backs (!) and a lantern for the light for €135 :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll it was reduced in their sale from €270 :eek :eek Its called "Bedtime Hugs" range.... thinking of getting the border etc for the room and having everything matching. Obviously it is a unisex range, but I think its cute! And when babs comes along, I can add a bit of colour to the room to match the babies sex.... Hope this helps!! Have seen other nice ones with a bit of colour in them in Eurobabies... I think its the Cosatto range?
amberjack Posts: 1273
I got a lovely bumber set in Guineys too (in fact I nearly bought out the shop a few weeks back, so many bargains) it is cream/beige and white with teddies and for 18.99 includes: bumper, quilt and fitted sheet, which is excellent value. i need to pop back in and get some cellular cot blankets when i'm in town next week. I have washed the stuff, just to see what quality is like, it' 100% cotton and while it's not quite as soft and luxurious as some of the Mamas & Papas range, it's definitely a close second. Washes well and doesnt loose shape etc
volvic35 Posts: 1118
I got nice ones in IKEA last week, I've gotten them there before good valve you.
bolababy Posts: 706
Hi I was looking at this sort of thing too but I noticed that 1. Bumper can not be used once baby can sit up on its own, so that would be around 5-6 months. Were planning on having baby in our room in moses basket until then probably wouldnt actually get any use out of the bumper. 2. The quilt that comes with these bedding sets say they cannot be used until 1 year. so until then you'd only be using your cellular blanket or gro bag thing. So Ive decided to use the money from these sets to buy nice wall decoration etc and have a nice nursery. We wouldnt be able to fit a cot into our bedroom, so the cot wont be used till they move into their own room so I just dont think they are the value. Just get cheap sheets in guinans or dunnes and use blanket.
ellee Posts: 666
Seriously girls, I would urge you not to bother your bums buying cotbed sheets and go with the single sheet option. In my experience, the quality of cotbed sheets is poor and I certainly feel that the ones I bought were a bit skimpy and only just fit the cot in question. Secondly you pay almost as much as you would for full size sheets and more sometimes! Finally, who needs the hassle of sorting out yet more sheet sizes after the laundry :o0 You don't NEED them! HTH *)