Where to buy grobags?

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cluckychick Posts: 26
Girls, Where is the best place to buy gro bags? I was looking at Marks and Spencers online, but they don't have a tog value. What tog do you buy and what does baby wear when using a babygro. Vest, babygro and grobag, seems a lot? Any advice appreciated!
lambnose Posts: 915
Hi Cluckychick, First of all, I think the baby has to be 10lbs before they can wear the grobag. DD has always worn one and I find them fantastic. It is great to know that she can not pull it over her head and smother like she could if she had a blanket. Her room is set to 18 degrees celcius and each night she wears a shortsleeve vest, a long sleeve sleepsuit (although she has recently graduated to wearing pj's) and the grobag which is a 2.5 tog rating. I buy mine from :wv
lambnose Posts: 915
Just to add if anyone who is living in the UK or Northern Ireland would like 10% off their first order then I have a promo code for that website. Just PM me for it. It says it is not valid for use in Ireland though. O:|
Hunnybunny Posts: 346
I got a lovely one in Tesco's for €15!!
susmurf Posts: 1060
Grobag have a website and it lists there what the baby should wear depending on the temperature of the room. You can get grobags for babies from 7lbs something. I have three now, I got one in Babies r us(actual grobag brand), one in Debenhams and one in Asda, all 2.5 tog.
silíní Posts: 4219
Does the tog value depend on time of year? Like, do you need a lighter one for summer?
darkie27 Posts: 1449
TK MAX do lovely ones for about 14 euro also
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hi girls, My DD has been in grobags since she was about 6 weeks old, and they're so handy. I've been through all sorts of grobags though, so here's what I've found. Avoid grobags with button fastening - too fiddly, especially when baby gets bigger and is trying to wriggle out of it, as you try to keep her in! Avoid grobags where the zips run down the middle - it can be awkward trying to get baby's arms into it, as you have to lift the side of the grobag while trying to settle baby in - again, difficult with a wriggly baby! Try to get grobags that have buttons on both shoulders - with these, the grobag opens out flat, you lay baby on the bottom part, then fold the top part over her, and just fasten the shoulder buttons, and zip up the side. My favourite are the ones from Next. They're about €20-25 (depending on size) and are really soft and warm. Think they're a 2.5 tog, but we use these all year round for DD, we just adjust her clothing underneath to match the weather! In winter she wears a vest and pj's, and in summer (bearing in mind that this is Ireland, and we don't have the best of weather :o0) she either wears a long sleeved vest and then the grobag, or a short-sleeved vest with short sleeved/legged pj's. Her room averages about 18 degrees at night. Someone mentioned that you can check online for what they should wear underneath the grobag - I would honestly advise that you go with your instinct on what they should wear. If we had followed the instructions, DD should only have worn a vest under her grobag in the height of winter, just because her room varied from 17 - 20 degrees. But I know from just stepping into her room that she would have frozen if that's all I put on her. When she was younger, we had 3 grobags to allow for washing, and in case she spat up on one, etc. Now we just use two, one on her, one in the wash, and it's plenty. HTH
silíní Posts: 4219
Thanks jellybaby! That's great advice....