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Weddingloon Posts: 445
Hi ladies I got a name before but I can't find it or the post. O:| Where would be good to buy suits for the guys. Just looking for plain black suits and skinny black ties (obviously can get those somewhere else). I'm based in Laois but if the price is right I can go wherever!!! :wv
eled Posts: 713
My friend got the suits for her wedding in M&S
chipsticks Posts: 283
Burtons have fab suits for men & very good quality. They're very reasonably priced too. They were doing a deal a while back, free shirt, tie and shoes with a selection of very nice suits. Worth checking it out..
mrsandmr Posts: 366
Savoy Tailors Guild is great for suits, they do "2 for €xxx" offers etc. Its in Kildare Village so pretty close to you too! They also do lots of modern slim suits which would suit your suit and skiny tie look!
candypants Posts: 8575
I second Burtons. My friend bought all hers there for the wedding and they are lovely fitted, h2b who was he best man got to keep him as well as the grooms men :o)ll
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Thanks a mill girlies, I shall check all those out!!! Have a great weekend!!! :thnk
Asics Posts: 1935
Did you try the Rathdowney Outlet Centre? They have an offer on buy one get one half price I think the suits are about €150 so for €225 you will get 2 suits & id say if you buy a few there they would knock a few more €'s off :wv
ninab Posts: 83
Rathdowney retail outlet. There's a desinger suit shop pthere and they're doing great deals on suits...... Its definitely worth a visit.
rebelin Posts: 113
This crowd are in Cork and Galway. A few friends who married this year got their suits there and H2B's brothers get their work suits there. Great value by all accounts and large selection.
rsom Posts: 96
H2B's best man went to M&S to check out the suits. Found a perfect fit.....went to pay for it, it was priced at €200. Delighted to find it was reduced in the sale to a grand total of €69!!!