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olarolla Posts: 20
I'm getting married in July and expect to have about 160-180 guests. I was just wondering if anyone knows if its worth doings day trip to France to buy the wine or where is good to bulk buy wine at a reasonable price?
streaks Posts: 3592
We bought ours in bennetts wine warehouse just outside newry when we were getting married and got a good deal at the time for Prosecco, red and while wine. We had about your numbers also. Would be worth giving them a call or looking them up. They regularly have special offers also :wv
l2d2013 Posts: 78
I don't have a particular place to recommend but would definitely try Northern Ireland as I know prices there are much more reasonable. And if you're buying in bulk, use those negotiation skills you honed when dealing with the reception venue and try to negotiate a deal :) Also, I was at a party with friends the other week and we had 4 bottles of different wine from Lidl. Lovely stuff and cheaper than normal. Depends on if you want a known label or not. Careful on corkage, our place is charging us €8 for wine and €10 for prosecco/champagne which does add up....but still cheaper sourcing your own.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
Sainsburys at Sprucefield (just outside Lisburn in NI) always have great quality wines on half price sale. If you aren't a label snob I also agree Lidl wines are fanastic!
olarolla Posts: 20
Hotel isn't charging us any corkage so just have to get the wine. I'm not a wine drinker so finding it tough to know what to get, where to get it and how much to get but I'm sure ill get there :)
willmullin Posts: 1
Hi Olarolla, did you organise your wines yet? We are - We offer 10% off already discounted wholesale priced wedding wines. Free delivery to your venue and sale or return on any unopened wine. We also send you a tasting case for €65 which is refunded when you order your wedding wines! [email protected] is my email if you want further info, Will
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sydneyfox Posts: 177
Hi Olarolla, I'm in the same situation as you regarding wine for the wedding. What did you decide to do in the end? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks
Ciarawc2015 Posts: 14
Hi, Need a bit of advice. We are getting married summer 2015! Looking for good offers on wine as we are bringing it in ourselves. We aren't been charged corkage by the hotel which makes searching a bit easier. Also would the right thing to be to order a round of round of drinks for everyone for the toast aswel as the wine ? All advice helpful :)
christina roberts Posts: 29
You can buy wine from Thecorkscrew. The provide wedding wines with in-store tasting, great discounts and wine delivery to your wedding venue. even they are offering wine in many flavors and types. You can buy from there.
maryd12 Posts: 3
Is there any where up north that sells wine for weddings ?