Where to eat in London?

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darlingbride Posts: 13
HI, Myself and my husband are off to london in two weeks and wondering if anyone has recommendations for restaurants in london? am feeling too lazy this evening to trawl through trip advisor! :-8
streaks Posts: 3592
We were there made January and ate in the ivy as a treat, we really enjoyed it but it was quite expensive.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Soooo many nice places to eat over there! Look up Rocket, Gaucho (steakhouse) and Riast, all lovely. Not sure what part of the city you'll be in but Gaucho has a few locations and I think Rocket may too. HTH.
Laurad999 Posts: 123
If you like Indian food try any of the restaurants on Brick Lane. Sheba was the one we tried and it was great. Not dear either for your traditional curry and beer in the UK.
darlingbride Posts: 13
we're staying the Westminster area,we think that is fairly central,thanks so much for the suggestions! it's a great help. also anyone know of anywhere in that area to have a few drinks,a lively spot maybe but not mad!!
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
If you like Mexican you HAVE to go to Wahaca in Covent Garden!
SunnyK Posts: 3834
There'd be bars around Covent Garden too... I went to a big place called Roadhouse before that had live music - it was a big place and pretty packed though so not sure of that's what you would be looking for! I'm nearly sure that there's a Porterhouse in Covent Garden too, same owners as the 2 in town here.
lulu126 Posts: 1095
[quote="MrsAtobe":2ur1d5n0]If you like Mexican you HAVE to go to Wahaca in Covent Garden![/quote:2ur1d5n0] +1! The food's incredible!
R2theB Posts: 1660
Was just going to suggest Wahaca, it's gorgeous!! There's loads of delicious Vietnamese places in East London, they're not fancy at all though; BYO, really cheap and absolutely delicious. Would highly recommend.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Ooops - just noticed my typo, that was meant to say Roast :)