where to get blackout blinds for nursery?

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excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
hiyas anyone purchase any blackout blinds the ones that you can you anywhere, if so where they any good? thanks
lincoln Posts: 387
I just saw the portable blackout blind in the Littlewoods catalogue today - "Gro anywhere portable blackout blind" €37. UV0311D is the code if you want to look it up online. Maybe this is of no help to you!
lassy Posts: 193
Interested in this topic too. I had a quick look in ikea yesterday and all i could find were black blackout blinds so no joy there but i did not have any time to ask had they more. Off to check out littlewoods.
Mstique Posts: 175
I got one yesterday in Harry Corry's, haven't put it up yet so don't know how effective it is but it was another wolly would recommended it and she found it good. They have a good few different colours and some are on sale at the moment. Did a quick search on argos too and they also have some that seem reasonable. HTH
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Girls I'd be slightly hesitant about putting up a blackout blind to be honest. Would be interesting to get people's opinions... my view is that babies get too reliant on sleeping in darkness and if you want them to sleep anywhere that isn't blacked out they have problems. Personally, I think it's good that they learn that sleeping in the day is napping and sleeping when it's dark is time for long sleeps.
Mstique Posts: 175
Well when DD was a baby I did the whole sleeping in brightness for day and darkness for nighttime, she doesn't have any issues going to sleep in a bright room but I do have issues with her waking up to brightness at 5am and thinking its time to get up! Simple solution is to use the blackout blind for nighttime sleep and not for day sleeps!
chefmaid Posts: 2426
http://www.babytravelshop.ie/baa-baa-bl ... linds.html firend of mine got these and she says they are great
mrsfisherman Posts: 314
I just ordered 2 of the ones from Littlewoods now to see if they work - i only want them for nighttime during the summer months as the nights can be so bright. The curtains in the room are light and the blinds that exist are not great.
lilly1000 Posts: 75
I just got a pair of black out blinds in www.myblinds.ie - excellent and very good price €56. So good we bought a pair for our own room. I wouldnt recommend the portable ones because there not sturdy enough. The room is pitch black and there very easy to hang (hubby got the drill out..!)