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mrs lynch Posts: 7
Hi i am getting married in July 09 and was wondering where i could get my flowers we are trying very hard to do are wedding on the cheap :yelrotflmaosmilie: i have check out a few places and the prices i am coming out we is 900-1000 wondering is that good or will i get cheaper. :compress
venice Posts: 242
were abouts are you in the country?
kitten_77 Posts: 826
there are a few threads already here about cheap/wholesale flowers and doing your own if that was something u were willing to consider..... if you're in Dublin then apparently you can order flowers from the markets around Smithfield at a fraction of the cost.
kelsar Posts: 690
Im using a florist in kildare who prices are fab. Let me know where you are based.
bride2be2009 Posts: 175
Hi Girls there is a flowerist in Rathmines in Dublin called D&A flowers... my god they are fab and the prices are very reasonable for there everyday bunch of flowers so I would imagine the same could be said for thier wedding flowers.
whchic Posts: 76
Hi, not sure where you are but if you're anywhere near Cork check this place out :thnk You can check by colour and everything. Prices are fantastic and they sell all the accessories to go with the flowers (bouquet wraps, crystals etc) Quite possibly they also do arrangement, but I'm not sure. If not I'm sure someone would do up the arrangements for you... Best of luck.
frecklz Posts: 1839
Why not go for silk bouquets? Plenty on Ebay...
GabrielleSolis Posts: 207
Hey kelsar could you pm me who you are using and an idea of prices please? :thnk
fushia Posts: 223
there's a company from holland i think that ship floweres directly so you're completly skipping the middle man. you'll have to get someone to arrange them tho. check out website at i haven't tried them but found good comments about them on WOL
jenny07 Posts: 345
I got my bouquets, buttonholes and pew ends from AllAboutWeddings - they're silk. Excellent value, can design them yourself and so light.