Where to get engagement ring cleaned In Dublin?

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bt2 Posts: 54
Hi all. Really need to get my eng ring cleaned. Its filthy! The diamond needs to be taken out I think to get into the crevises properly. Does anyone know a jeweller in Dublin who does this? Only problem is we got it in Antwerp so cant go back to where we got it!!!
Blondelle Posts: 200
I got mine cleaned in Paul Sheeran in Dublin city, they also have a shop in Dundrum shopping centre. Think it cost me €12 last october. I did not get my ring there but its no problem, they will do it. Don't think they will need to take the stone out. When i was in a jewellers in NY last year they showed me how they clean it. Its like a powerful airbrust type machine. Sorry not describing it well!!!
Teeny10 Posts: 566
I got mine in Applebys so I usually go back there to get mine cleaned - but I did notice a new place in Stephens Green Shopping Centre which says they clean jewellery for free! It might be worth it to go talk to them and see how reputable they are before handing over your ring tho!
roma2011 Posts: 1208
ESL in Powerscourt Shopping Centre will do it for you and are reputable. I bought my ring in the UK and then got my valuation done in there and they gave both my ring and my mothers ring a good clean while we were there, and didn't charge extra for it. My mothers ring was filthy and it came up beautifully after it, and removing the little stones wasn't necessary. If the removal of the stones is necessary, I think they should be able to help. While I was in there they were consulting with a lady who wanted to update her jewellery. She was looking to merge two diamond rings from what I could gather and they really sounded like they knew what they were at when telling her what they could and couldn't do. They're worth a call anyway - 016791603. :wv
blueswallow Posts: 1244
You shouldn't need to remove the stone to clean it - the ultrasonic cleaners will work the dirt out. Any jewellers should be able to do it for you - it only takes about 5 mins. I'm a suspicious type, so I'd make them do it while you wait, not leave it with them. Alternatively, you can buy the ultrasonic cleaners fairly reasonably on ebay.