Where to get maternity clothes?

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JJ100 Posts: 43
Hoping you can help me out ladies. I'm usually a size 6/8 and have been looking for maternity wear for a few weeks now as I'm bursting out of my normal clothes but everywhere I go (such as mothercare, various boutiques and new look) all of the clothes are huge on me. Even though I already have a bump, they all appear to be for around size 10 upwards. The size 8 pants in mothercare, literally fell off me! I particularly need a good pair of jeans and some black pants for work. Where do you get your clothes? Would you recommend the likes of Asos? Also will need a good winter coat soon so recommendations for that would be appreciated too. Thanks
MrsDraper Posts: 146
I recommend ASOS.com, the nicest maternity pieces I got were from there. So much more fashionable than the likes of Mothercare to be honest. You will get coats from ASOS too. And if you order something that doesn't fit right or you just don't like it then no problem sending stuff back. Keep an eye out for their maternity sales!
Peridot3 Posts: 7
Topshop also do maternity, I've a couple of mat jeans from them and they're very comfy. I also picked up a couple of maternity pieces today from their sale, some good bargains to be had, but you have to dig through the racks to spot the maternity clothes, everything is mixed together!
catois Posts: 70
I find H and M great for maternity. Am a size 8 prepregnancy and they're skinny jeans are a great fit! The sizes actually run quite small so I've been buying a 10. You should definitely get your basics in there, they also do coats.
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Asos is great it was my savior when I was pregnant and I found newlook good too.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Would you go up a size in normal clothes? I found last time round the maternity stuff was awful so bought one size bigger then used a belly band thing for my jeans which got me a good while longer out of them. Got maternity jeans then in new look.
JJ100 Posts: 43
Thanks for all the tips. Think I'll give asos a go as their stuff looks pretty stylish and they seem to cater for smaller sizes. I bought some jeggings in a size 10 over the weekend so hopefully they'll do until I order from online. Can't believe how hard I've found it to get clothes that fit a petite woman - do shops not realise what a goldmine maternity wear can be?!! Thanks again for all the recommendations
Sparkly Pooh Bear Posts: 96
Check out jojoba mama be be. Expensive but great quality. If I could have given myself one piece of pregnancy advice on my first pregnancy it would be by good quality pieces early on in pregnancy to get the wear out of them and for the comfort. They are designed to grow with you. Try not to do the buy bigger size in penneys, you'll feel crap!